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  1. sygyzy

    HRT Music Streamer II causing static every few hours

    Hi,   I have been using my HRT Music Streamer II to listen to music for a few years now. I recently changed companies and brought my setup with me to the new job. I am now using a Macbook instead of a Dell PC but everything else about the setup is the same.   Macbook Pro --> USB Cable -->...
  2. sygyzy

    What headphone do you take when you travel?

    Hi,   I am taking a 10 day trip across the country. I definimtely will need headphones on the plane and also for use on a 2 hour bus ride between NYC and Philly. Other than that, I may use headphones in NYC but probably not that often since I will usually be with a friend (and don't want to...
  3. sygyzy

    Looking for affordable short interconnects (Mini to mini, RCA to mini, etc)

    Hi,   I am a fan of aftermarket cables but not enough of a fan to pay $300 for a 2 inch mini to mini. What are some vendors that make some nice cables for reasonable prices? I am looking for short runs so I can connect my portable amp to my mp3 player/phone (mini to mini 3 inches?). Or my...
  4. sygyzy

    How to prevent stored headphone from falling apart

    Hi,   I have many headphones, earbuds, and IEM's and I can only use one at a time. I notice when I go back to a pair, even when stored properly, that usually the foam, leather, or pads have disintegrated. I know they are easily replaced but I just spent over $30 on two sets of pads for my...
  5. sygyzy

    Crack in Superlux HD-668B band?

    I've been using my HD-668B's for a few months and just yesterday, I noticed that both bands have a crack on the top. Has anyone seen anything like this?    
  6. sygyzy

    I have a PPA - what's the next step?

    Hi,   I primarily use a PPA and I really really like it. It looks nice, always works, has a bass boost, and drives all my headphones. Anyway, lately I've been wondering what could be better. So what could be better? Obviously the PPA2 then following that the M3, right? I don't know much...
  7. sygyzy

    Quick Question: What are the tube positions on a Singlepower PPX3?

    Staring at the front of the PPX3, which is the driver tube and left and right channel tubes?   Thanks in advance.
  8. sygyzy

    WTB: Beyerdynamic DT 880

    Please delete. I meant for this to be in the FS section.
  9. sygyzy

    Locking/Holding on iPod actaully turns it on?

    I have a 5th generation iPod (Classic; not Touch, Nano, or Mini), and I noticed something interesting while listening to music with my UE 5's (v2, not Pro). I never noticed this before using any other phones because none of them exhibit the hiss of the 5's. By habit, I...
  10. sygyzy

    Does a DAC modify the sound?

    Ideally, I'd like to hear an accurate reproduction of what is recorded. That is, barring extreme circumstances beyond my control or desire for control (ie dvd audio versus cd audio, etc). Anyway, I currently have my computer soundcard hooked up to my tube amp, at work. I don't mind tube rolling...
  11. sygyzy

    How does a Mac's onboard sound hardware compare to a standard PC?

    I am trying to settle a debate at work. I am claiming that Mac (G5, Mini, Powerbook, take your pick. Is there a difference?) does not come with good quality audio hardware. And if it did, not much better than a basic Sound Blaster sound card or onboard sound for a PC. I know there are alot of...
  12. sygyzy

    DMM Suggestions

    I am looking for something that will last me a lifetime. I am a hobbyist DIY so I don't need a bench system or anything too fancy. I would like to purchase a Fluke but am not sure which one. Looking to spend $200 max. Could do more if necessary. I am looking for something that will outperform my...
  13. sygyzy

    Are there any AC power cable plugs for DIY?

    I have a custom cable that needs a standard AC 110V power cable *plug* on one end. There are three wires inside so it'll work just fine. The problem is the only way for me to add one now is to cut off an existing head and solder the three wires. You can imagine the problems with safety and...
  14. sygyzy

    Sennheiser MX500 Users - Foam covers, naked, other?

    My MX500's are getting more use since I got an iPod. Problem is one of the styrofoam covers constantly falls off and today I lost it completely at the barber. Doh! Does anyone know where I can get replacements (besides Senn, I already emailed them)? Perhaps Radio Shack? Got a part number...
  15. sygyzy

    1212M owners - any tips on compatibility with games?

    I am using Product Default session thinking that is the most benign. Far Cry - Sound with Ubisoft intro and the second (engine) intro. No sound whatsoever in the game. Doom 3 - Soundcuts out every 2-3 minutes. Only way of fixing it is to go to the sound settingss and toggle the positional...
  16. sygyzy

    Which iPod protectors (skin, shell) does the Sendstation Pocketdock work with?

    Due to the physical design of the Pocketdock, it won't properly connect to the small port opening in a iSkin. So which skins does it work with? Does anyone own a 4G Lajo Exo? There's a feature called 'sync port protection' which seems like it allows you to pull back the entire bottom...
  17. sygyzy

    Linkin Park & Jay-Z - NumbEncore

    I realize the crowd here probably doesn't listen to these two artists often but... They got together recently in Los Angeles for a collaboration effort. I am a huge Linkin Park fan. Part of their Street Team, the works. I think they are phenomenal and one of the few rock/rap hybrid theories...
  18. sygyzy

    What is the difference between 6922, ECC88, and E88CC tubes?

    Particularly the last two. Which are compatible with 6922 tubes? If I had an amp that took 6922, is it ok if I filled it with ECC88? What if I filled it with E88CC? What about a mix of 6922, ECC88, and E88CC? Thanks in advance.
  19. sygyzy

    EMU 1212M, Soundstorm, Amp, and Patchmix help

    My system is hosed after I tried to install my new 1212M. Even with it removed completely, my video card causes my XP to freeze right when it starts up (Windows). That aside, I was able to get it working correctly for an hour or so before the **** hit the fan. I expected to find Patchmix...
  20. sygyzy

    PPX3 Pictures!

    Finally got around to taking some pictures. I think the latter ones turned out really well. Definitely desktop wallpaper worthy. PPX3 Pictures Start Here
  21. sygyzy

    Smart shuffle in Foobar

    I am using a third party shuffle plugin for foobar which works great. At least it works the way a shuffle should - next track goes to the next random track, not the next logical track. Anyway, I was wondering how "smart" this shuffle is. Or, if there are any smart shuffles out there. How I...
  22. sygyzy

    Joss Stone - Mind, Body, & Soul

    Has anyone heard this new album? So incredibly good and she looks nothing like she sounds. Very misleading. This is worlds better than her debut album (all covers). Snakes and Ladders is an excellent track to check out.
  23. sygyzy

    Saving Settings and Random in Foobar

    These are the last things that annoys me about Foobar. I am hoping someone can help. Is there any way to set random mode in foobar? I set Playback Order to Random but when I press Next, it just goes to the next track. I know what you are thinking, just press the Random button right? Sure, but...
  24. sygyzy

    What purpose do clip-on headphones serve?

    This might seem like a silly question, but I thought I'd ask anyway. What is the purpose of clip on headphones? If you the user does not want to wear full sized headphones because of weight, or whatever, why not get canal phones? Is it because canal phones are too sound isolating? So are clip...
  25. sygyzy

    What are all the PPA upgrades?

    What do each do? And which are recommended must-haves? Looking for a new solid state amp. Thanks in advance.