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  1. Sardonyx

    Any comparisons of 9Wave earbuds: Studio Pro (metal) vs Studio (plastic) ?

    Has anyone heard both versions? They have each been reviewed separately, but if there is a side-by-side I've missed it.   Studio Pro Type Open-air Dynamic Driver Unit 13.5 mm bore Frequency Response Range 20Hz 20kHz Output Sound Pressure Level (Sensitivity) 110dB ±3dB...
  2. Sardonyx

    Looking for cheap IEM with J-split cable

    These will be used with 2-way radio, so music quality is unimportant.  Actually, rolled off bass & treble would act as noise filters, so might be better for voice.  My other requirements are small size, excellent isolation, and can use common replacement tips. Even though low price is first...
  3. Sardonyx

    portable USB powered DAC/AMP vs demanding cans -- Volts or Amps?

    This might be a silly question, but here goes: There is a common theme that bus powered amps lack power for high impedance headphones, battery is usually better, even though not as good as an AC powered desktop amp.  So I am wondering if the limitation is USB's voltage or current?  What if you...
  4. Sardonyx

    Ipod mini 1G vs 2G for CF card mod?

    I got a used mini from ebay that was advertised as a 2G, but it is a 1G. Does the 2G have a different, more efficient chipset/firmware? Would the post-mod (32GB CF card & new 750mah battery) life be better with a 2G than 1G? I won't hassle with returning the mini if the end result is the same.
  5. Sardonyx

    Here's (yet another) list of best & worst album covers

    I know lists like this show up rather often, but I still find them entertaining. WORST BEST fixed the links
  6. Sardonyx

    Neko Case - Middle Cyclone - out 3/3/09

    just saw it's available for pre-order on Amazon for $7.99. I can't wait.
  7. Sardonyx

    Ibasso T4 charging question

    The sound cuts out when charging from computer's USB, but not the AC adapter, is this normal?
  8. Sardonyx

    Another member of team Curse You Head-Fi

    So I came here looking to spend around $100............ One Denon AH-D2000, Klipsch X10, and ibasso T4 later, my ears love you about as much as my wallet hates you. At least this might stave off upgraditis for a little while. Imod... DAC... must resist...