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  1. sapphiremodena

    Calling all New Yorkers - good resource for (indie) concert listings in NY?

    Hey all, I'm going to be staying in New York for 2 or 3 weeks in December, and am excited to check out the music scene when I'm there. Where can I find a comprehensive listing of all the NY concerts? Ticketmaster and LiveNation are pretty much just the big shows, which don't really interest...
  2. sapphiremodena

    Question: A watch with fixed hands and rotating faces?

    Hey fellow Head-Fiers, I'm looking for a specific watch and so naturally, I came to the all-knowledgeable Head-Fi for answers. I saw this one at the Vancouver Art Gallery a couple years ago, never bought it, and have regretted it since. Here is my description of what it looked like: The...
  3. sapphiremodena

    Looking for a computer desk similar to this.

    I'm in the market for a computer desk, and these Jerker desks from Ikea look quite nice: minimalist, clean design, open design on the bottom, solid feel, enough space for everything. The only thing I don't like is that it is actually *too* big for me, especially in depth. I want something...
  4. sapphiremodena

    Any good world map desktop wallpapers?

    So I admit it: I am terrible with geography. I figure the easiest way to fix this is by having a world map for a desktop background. I searched Google and can only find a couple decent political world maps that suits my resolution (1680 x 1050) or over, and when i set them as wallpaper, they are...
  5. sapphiremodena

    Are there any P2P Sharing programs without spyware?

    Okay, so here's my story. I had been using Kazaa Lite for a while now and ever since I started using it, spyware would start appearing on my computer and I would get pop-ups like crazy, and this eventually led to my whole hard drive needing to be re-formatted. Now I know that the general...
  6. sapphiremodena

    Email accounts - What do you recommend?

    So I've had my hotmail account for about 2 years now, and I'm starting to wish that there was more storage space than a measly 2 mb. What do you guys use for email, and how much storage space do you get? By the way, I don't want to spend any money for extra storage, I just wanted to know what...
  7. sapphiremodena

    Is it possible to record straming audio/video ?

    There is a concert streaming that I would love to be able to record in either .mp3/.wav format or .mpeg/.avi/(etc) format. Is there any way to do this? Any kind of software I need? It means a lot to me, thanks for any help or suggestions. -sb.
  8. sapphiremodena

    Modest Mouse

    I'm going to see Modest Mouse on Sunday night, opening for The Flaming Lips. I wanna get a taste of their sound, but at the moment I'm pretty tied up as far as money and time go. So I was wondering if any Modest Mouse fans could recommend their favourite songs... I've only heard a few songs so...
  9. sapphiremodena

    "Gold In Them Hills" by Ron Sexsmith/Chris Martin

    I am just loving this song right now. Saw the music video twice last night. Features the voice of Chris Martin (Coldplay). I'm definitely going to buy Ron's latest album, 'Cobblestone Runway' soon enough. I know it doesn't seem that way But maybe it's the perfect day Even though the bills...
  10. sapphiremodena

    What's on your list?

    Just wondering what albums are on everyone's to-buy lists. I'll start with mine. The Dears - No Cities Left Beck - Sea Change Sigur Ros - ágætis byrjun White Stripes - Elephant Flaming Lips - Soft Bulletin Radiohead - Hail to the Thief (release date: June 10th) Matthew Good Band -...
  11. sapphiremodena

    Sigur Ros (untitled) music video.

    I just saw the video last night for the opening song off of the album () by Sigur Ros. It's pretty beautiful. Any Sigur Ros fans should definitely watch this. Enjoy, folks. untitled #1
  12. sapphiremodena

    Spiritualized: The Complete Works Vol. 1

    Good news for Spiritualized fans: Wow, 24 hard to find songs.
  13. sapphiremodena

    Punch-Drunk Love

    I just saw this movie yesterday and was really, really impressed. I'd recommend it to anybody, and I have actually been recommending it to lots of my friends at school today. Has anyone here seen it? What did you think? I give it 4.5 stars out of 5. Great movie. Here's a link to the...
  14. sapphiremodena

    Matthew Good - 'Weapon'

    I don't know how many USA residents have heard of Matthew Good, but he's very well known in Canada and Germany. It really amazes me that there aren't many Americans who have heard his music. Anyways he's by far the most exciting and interesting musician that I've heard in my life, and I want to...
  15. sapphiremodena

    Sony DVP-NS415 DVD Player

    Does anyone have any info at all about the Sony DVP-NS415? It plays CD, DVD, MP3, and is really cheap, I can get it for about $210 CDN, which is less than $140 US. I'm seriously considering buying it, but I'm hoping to hear some comments or opinions (even second hand opinions) on the sound...
  16. sapphiremodena

    Red Dragon

    I just got home from the theatres, went to see Red Dragon and really enjoyed it. Anyone else seen this movie yet? Let's hear what you think about RD.
  17. sapphiremodena

    Panasonic CT570 for $175 CDN...Should I get it?

    At the moment I have no P-CDP but I just found a brand new Panasonic SL-CT570 at a local shop for $175 CDN (about $112 US). I'm wondering if I should get it.... any opinions?
  18. sapphiremodena

    Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head

    Have any of you heard the new Coldplay album? It comes out on the 26th, but you can listen to the full album at . Right now I'm about halfway through the album, and the audio quality isn't too amazing (it's streaming) so I'm not yet sure whether or not I like it...
  19. sapphiremodena

    Click here to waste a good 15 seconds of your life.

    My post count now matches my member description. 667. Wheeeeee!!!!! (Sorry for wasting your time, folks.) PS. Sarah Slean is amazing. EDIT: Don't worry Carlo, I can answer your question without altering my post count... just by simply editing every post from now until the end...
  20. sapphiremodena

    ??? Room for Squares ???

    Just picked up John Mayer - 'Room for Squares' the other day on a recommendation from my friend who also is a big fan of Dave Matthews Band, and he said they sound somewhat similar. I'm really enjoying it, and I can see where the comparisons are coming from, but I like the album quite a bit...
  21. sapphiremodena

    Sound quality of CT580/CT780

    Does anyone have any info on the sound quality from both the headphone out and line out of the Canadian & US versions of the Panasonic SL-CT580 or 780? -Do they have analog line outs? (If they have line outs at all) -How is the sound quality? Thanks very much.
  22. sapphiremodena

    Where to buy the SL-CT570 in Canada...

    Lately all of the new portable CD players seem to be increasingly poor in terms of sound quality, or else too expensive. One of the few options I still have left is the Panasonic SL-CT570. Does anyone know where I might be able to find one of these in Canada?
  23. sapphiremodena

    Which pcdp is right for me?

    I'm planning on getting a new pcdp within the next half year (so no rush) that I will use with Sony e888's ( I should buy the 888's within a couple months too, hopefully). I don't expect to use an amp with the pcdp, so therefore I would like some decent sound out of the headphone jack with...
  24. sapphiremodena

    Good Deal on Energy Speakers??

    I can get the Energy E:XL-15 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers NEW for only $98 CDN (~$61 US). They only come in a birch finish for that price, but I think they look pretty good (maybe even better) in birch... Is this a really good price?? AudioReview gave it good reviews (4.48/5, but they also gave good...