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  1. chillysalsa

    Affordable 'Design by Mr. K' 59 step attenuator

    I just picked up one of these to upgrade my Alps in my Dynahi: ... and it is well worth it! The quality is very impressive, all machined and clicks very...
  2. chillysalsa

    Breeze Audio E300 amplifier, any owners?

    This caught my eye as a class A solid state unit... It seems there's even a MK2 that appears to just have a nicer case and VU meters...
  3. chillysalsa

    Clone of Phonitor?

    Came across this: It looks like it bears a lot of resemblances to the SPL Phonitor (120 V rail, similar front with most controls, a circuit board with a bunch of these little vertical modules/cards...
  4. chillysalsa

    Review of Breeze Audio ES9018K2M XMOS USB Bluetooth DAC

    After some time using the the Belkin F8Z492 bluetooth receiver, I began to get annoyed by some intermittent connectivity with my Dell XPS15.  I primarily use the bluetooth dac to connect to my main system when listening to background audio off my laptop while working, and occasional focused...
  5. chillysalsa

    Google joke...

    Want a laugh? This is worth the three seconds it takes. 1- Go to 2- Type in "Failure", without the quotes 3- Instead of hitting "Search" hit "I'm feeling Lucky" 4- See what comes up! 5- Tell your friends before the people at Google fix it
  6. chillysalsa

    Arc Lab = Autechre + Boards of Canada

    Just a heads-up... got this CD yesterday, and it's quite good. For those that like Autechre and Boards of Canada it is something to look into. Info and some MP3 samples from their label: The group is from Toronto, found it at a local CD shop...
  7. chillysalsa

    Service for Canadians ordering from US

    I remember seeing a website service that would allow Canadians to order online stuff that was "To US address only"... the service would just re-package and ship it, for a small service fee. What is that site, anyone? Thanks in advance!
  8. chillysalsa

    Most expensive NOS tubes? Wow... those are really getting up there now...
  9. chillysalsa

    I missed ANOTHER pair of Grado HP's?!?! For $162?!? 1 word: Damnintalltohell.
  10. chillysalsa

    Bypass Caps

    I was playing around with a certain circuit that uses a 5.1uF decoupling cap on the output, and decided to try putting a 0.01uF cap in parallel with it. It sounds like it improved the sound. I feel like the highs are less edgy / grainy, but there seems to be some reduction in the midbass...
  11. chillysalsa

    Group Buy: Eastsound CD-E5 - within Canada

    As per the following thread: I have contacted Cattylink Research in China and they are offering a price of $625 USD (+ import fees and shipping from me Toronto) on this amazing player. Impressions and comparisons rank this unit...
  12. chillysalsa

    DIY cryo treating?

    Anyone with access to liquid nitrogen try cryo treating anything? And if you did... did you hear a difference in A/B testing? I'm very skeptical of it right now... I did a search of a research papers at the university library, and absolutely nothing came up for the following criteria...
  13. chillysalsa

    Why you should wear safety glasses while soldering!

    I wear regular glasses, and after a few hours of soldering, particularly if I've used some flux, I notice my glasses are all splattered with a thin film of grease. I can imagine without glasses this stuff would get directly into your eyes, and that's probably not a good thing.
  14. chillysalsa

    Gain in Dynahi

    What is the best way to lower the gain in a Dynahi? I am using it with Grados and a stepped attenuator, and I'm only using the first 4 steps before it gets too loud. The first 4 steps on the SA give me: -60.35 -52.11 -46.38 -42.52 of attenuation. I guess the steps are just too...
  15. chillysalsa

    Illuminated Power switches

    I've been looking around for some power switches that have the LED built in... either push-button or rocker would be fine, but I'm looking for something for a large power supply (110 VAC, 4 A). I remember seeing this Bulgin switch on a nice PPA, but it was 24VDC, 50mA only I believe... but...
  16. chillysalsa

    KG Dynahi w/ speakers?

    Has anyone finished constructing their Dynahi and tried it with speakers? How does the amp react to the 4 - 8 ohm load? Can you get reasonable volume out of it (state the sensitivity of your speakers please..)? Planning to build in a couple months, but considering if it's worth putting...
  17. chillysalsa

    Will the Grado vs. Senn debate ever end?

    I ask this because the board is full of things like: Quote: Dude1: I like Sennheisers, they are more neutral Dude2: You must like rolled off highs... get Grados to hear the details. Dude1: No, those give me Grado fatigue! Ok... the debate is pointless, and it's tiring to see it...
  18. chillysalsa

    Believe it or not: Motorcycle biker's 205 mph ticket - Motorcycle world abuzz at biker's 205 mph ticket Do you believe a Honda RC51 could do that?
  19. chillysalsa

    DIY kit: CD-PRO2 based CD player.. can anyone traslate?

    Found this link on for a CD-PRO2 kit. Very interesting... can any asians translate the specs and pricing? Thanks!
  20. chillysalsa

    OPA2614 - who will try it first???

    Just recieved news of this new opamp with some interesting specs: LOW INPUT NOISE VOLTAGE: 1.8nV/Hz HIGH GAIN BANDWIDTH PRODUCT: 290MHz HIGH OUTPUT CURRENT: 350mA LOW INPUT OFFSET VOLTAGE: ±0.2mV SLEW RATE: 135 V/µs FLEXIBLE SUPPLY RANGE: Single +5V to +12V Operation Dual ±2.5V to...
  21. chillysalsa

    DIYCLUB.BIZ - E-100A all FET Earphone Amp

    Hey folks, Just came across this link to, they have a bunch of kit and assembled boards, everything from Pre-amps to CD players. Very interesting stuff, some a Jolida clone preamp, Jeff Rowland Model 9 clone, Mark Levinson 20.5 clone MM phono stage, and a Non-oversampling DAC with...
  22. chillysalsa

    Some Japanese Koto and other traditional music...

    I have been yearning to hear koto and maybe bamboo flute or other traditional Japanese or even Chinese music... any suggestions? In particular, audiophile or 'classic' stuff would be wonderful! PS: Not a big fan of drums or shamisen lute... Many thanks!
  23. chillysalsa

    Lite DAC50 from HK?

    eBay Auction for Lite DAC50 Has anyone heard this thing? For $350 it looks like you're getting some really good build quality, thought slightly out-dated components. It DOES look beefy inside, and it's tube output...
  24. chillysalsa

    Archive of Power related schematics.. Found this website searching around... quite a lot things there, and a number of them I could see being useful for a project. Cheers!
  25. chillysalsa

    Scott Nixon TubeDAC mini-review

    The kit came together really quick and easy, a perfect second project. I decided to spice it up a little by putting in some lighting, call it the ‘Chor-ling’ or the ‘Shan-ord’ styling. The strong suits of this DAC are dynamics, instrument separation, imaging, and a ‘live’ / organic /...