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  1. zyxwvutsr

    Test Your Ability To Hear Pitch!

    First time: 24.625Hz / 13.1%   Second time (a few minutes later): 1.5625Hz / 90.2%   KSC-75 to mainboard sound.
  2. zyxwvutsr

    Spring Toronto Meet - Saturday May 04, 2013 Impressions

    A big thanks to Jeff for organizing this meet and to everyone for bringing in your gear to share. There were lots of great setups at this meet and I wish I had more time to try them all. In particular, I would have liked to spend more time with the Koss ESP 950s as I have been bit by the...
  3. zyxwvutsr

    four year old breakdancing kid

    As the title says, without further ado ... Check out the video in the following link.
  4. zyxwvutsr

    UFO sighting in China

    Check out this link -> These are some of the clearest UFO photos I have ever seen. Hoax or not?  
  5. zyxwvutsr

    Beyerdynamic DT880 + Meier Headfive, Good Combo?

    Quote: Originally Posted by 1Time I used a Headfive with a HD580 and found it underpowered. FWIR, there's no way I would trust a Headfive to do the DT880/250 justice. For advice on amping the DT880, I suggest reading, searching, and posting in the full size amp forum for "DT880"...
  6. zyxwvutsr

    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Endless Eight i.e. eight episodes in total.
  7. zyxwvutsr

    The ATH-W5000. Brief impressions.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jingo Lingo My second surprise came when I fired them up for the first time. I put on Andrew Bird's Noble Beast. The bass, it was incredible. They have the 'best' low end I have heard on any pair of 'phones. Textured is the best word I can use. It feels like...
  8. zyxwvutsr

    This may be unpopular...but...

    The V150s sound incredibly muddy. There is no bass nor treble extension - all I hear is a midbass hump. I would much rather spend $20 on KSC75s.
  9. zyxwvutsr

    Do China lied about their gymnast age?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ClieOS The thing is, if you look at China female diving 'dream team' (as they call them), both are really petite (so are the Japanese and Korean girls). Should we also call them unfair as well because Asian girls are smaller than European of the same age...
  10. zyxwvutsr

    Is there any need for a DT880 ('05) if you already have a K701?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DoomzDayz I disagree as well, it depends on where in the concert hall you are sitting. DT880's put you closer, where treble is less attenuated. Even with the violin next to my chin, the treble overtones are not as accentuated as it is on the DT880...
  11. zyxwvutsr

    Do not fly with your cMoy amp

    There have been instances in the past where DIY amps such as the CMoy have been confiscated at the security gate. If you must take the amp to your travel destination, put it with your checked baggage.
  12. zyxwvutsr

    Is there any need for a DT880 ('05) if you already have a K701?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gilency I respectfully disagree. Please elaborate.
  13. zyxwvutsr

    Is there any need for a DT880 ('05) if you already have a K701?

    Quote: Originally Posted by upstateguy '03s or '05s ??? 03 version. I would imagine that the 05 would not be far off in its presentation.
  14. zyxwvutsr

    Is there any need for a DT880 ('05) if you already have a K701?

    If you are particularly sensitive to sibilance and/or digital clipping in the treble, I would advise against getting the DT880s as they are significantly brighter than the K701. Due to its emphasized highs, I could understand why some find the violins to be very appealing through the DT880s...
  15. zyxwvutsr

    AD900 Review

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kernmac Hi zyxwvutsr, Improvements in Headphones from one model to the next will always be subjective in regards to cost. Considering diminishing returns, only each individual can make the judgement about which is best value or worth the extra coin. Mind you...
  16. zyxwvutsr

    Well, hello there W5000.

    What headphones are you comparing the W5000s with? and on what equipment? Regarding the fit - it may be fine even if the pressure at the top is slight (so long as there is complete seal around your ear). Press the earcups against your head and check if the sound changes. If not, then they...
  17. zyxwvutsr

    Which phones best for female vocals, piano, cymbals!

    If you're on a budget, definitely look into the AKG K501. Female vocals, realistic acoustic instruments ... these are things that it was naturally bred for.
  18. zyxwvutsr

    Troubleshooting: computer makes noises in headphone but not on speakers?

    Please provide more details on what this noise actually is. Is it a hissing noise that you hear? Does it disappear if you don't use the splitter?
  19. zyxwvutsr

    Bass emphasised home amp/dac for HD600 (and maybe others down the track)

    There's an awesome deal on a headfive amp ($160 shipped worldwide) for sale in the amps f/s section. It hasn't been mentioned a lot on the forums recently, but it is certainly a very capable amp w/a slight emphasis on bass. Given your total budget, that should leave enough money for a good DAC.
  20. zyxwvutsr

    Buying audio technica on ebay - warranty?

    Does audio technica honor warranties on products purchased from ebay? More specifically, I'm thinking about buying a w5000 from a US seller on ebay.
  21. zyxwvutsr

    Cans that faded away

    The main reason is probably simply that the IEM market has bloomed with many many new offerings. What might also be happening is that older members who started off with the aforementioned headphones may not be interested in the "recommend me a starter headphone" threads anymore/may not feel as...
  22. zyxwvutsr

    Chicago August/September Meet Brainstorming

    I'd be interested (in downtown area) and I have some other friends who'd probably be interested.
  23. zyxwvutsr

    Anime losers meet headphone geeks!

    just stumbled across this site: does anybody know from where the image with girl and the audio technica was taken from? I think I also see an R10, but the pic's too small to confirm.