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  1. Roboturner913

    Digipacks: Dammit, I hate these things

    I refuse to buy anything in a digipack for various reasons that I'm sure everybody can figure out. Unfortunately, a lot of music I really want can only be found in that type of packaging.   So I guess the obvious solution would be to find a good means of scanning/printing the album art from a...
  2. Roboturner913

    Skullcandy Crusher

    I know, I know, Skullcandy, but has anybody tried these? They have a self-contained "amp" to boost bass. I expect it's not really an amp but instead is the headphone equivalent of those vibrating transducers you mount under your home theater seating. The effect is powerful nonetheless. With the...
  3. Roboturner913

    Anybody familiar with the Yamaha EPH-30?

    Down to this or TDK EB900, both around $40. I kind of know what to expect from the TDK but can't find a good consensus on the Yamahas. One review says they're airy and clean-sounding, another says they're bass-heavy and claustrophic.
  4. Roboturner913

    Quest to find the perfect IE for me

    Been reading the site for a while, just signed up and thought I would share my headphone "odyssey" if you will.   For some time, I have been looking for a pair of IE's that I really liked. My first pair of IE's was the Sony EX-51LP a few years back. Those had ridiculous cave-in-your-skull...