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  1. eyevancsu

    Wire Stripping / Wire tinning

    I started to think ago about how you guys strip and tin your wires when making amps or other electronics. I usually strip wires with some nice and small nail clippers i got at walgreens. I misplaced my actual wire strippers one day and had an amp to build, so i found the next best thing, and...
  2. eyevancsu

    Illegal to sell amps in Mint Tin Cans?

    I was recently contacted by the C.F.O. of a mint tin candy company telling me that it was illegal, by Federal Trademark Law, to sell amplifiers, or anything for that matter, in novelty mint tin cans, such as those popular amongst amp makers or diy'ers. I know im not the only one that has made...
  3. eyevancsu

    Drilling Hammond 1455

    I just ordered a few hammond 1455 cases for some pimetas and was wondering how to drill the faceplaces. The faceplates i "reckon" are aluminum and seem kinda thick. I dont have access to any machinery or the such except an old black&decker drill. Would this work, or should i get someone else to...
  4. eyevancsu

    Where to buy opa2132 dip chips cheap? 10pcs

    Ill probably end up buying from digikey, at around $5 a pop, but does anyone know of another place that is cheaper? Ivan C.
  5. eyevancsu

    How to wire 1n400x diodes for reverse...

    ...polarity protection. Is it even possible, or should i use the 1n58xx series diodes instead? In either case, how would i wire them? Thanks
  6. eyevancsu

    .022 uf 50v caps for meta...

    i saw an auction for ECQB 1H223 .022 uf 50v caps and was wondering if they would be good for the meta which requires .02uf for xfeed (am i right?) and .12 or .1 +.02 uf for the main board. would substituting .022 affect it, are they safe to use? regards, ivan castano