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  1. Dan the audioman

    Ebay trouble

    So, I bought a pair of brand new HD 600's off of ebay about a week and a half ago. It was from the store Dakmart. They had 98% positive feedback and I felt that they were reliable. Now I have no idea where my headphones are and they don't even reply to the numerous emails and messages that I...
  2. Dan the audioman

    Looking for a decent pair of speakers...

    Im looking into replacing the really crappy speakers that I have set up in my room right now. Preferrably some that can fit on a shelf and are around $200. Wood would be nice, but is not a must. Thanks, Dan
  3. Dan the audioman

    Searching for iPod earphones

    I used to have er-4p's but I gave those to my brother, so I'm looking for a new pair or iPod earphones. I know how amazing the er4p's are so im still leaning towards those... However, idealsound doesn't sell them for $220 like they used to, so Im trying to find a cheaper alternative around...
  4. Dan the audioman

    Just got a 20gig 4g iPod!

    Well, today i went to the apple store and purchased a 4th gen. ipod. I love it already! iTunes is really easy to use and makes loading songs a breeze. So far I haven't noticed any of the problems that ive been hearing about (and I use mostly wav files). I already think its much better than...
  5. Dan the audioman

    Help! Where can I find a free mp3 audiobook of Tuesdays with Morrie?

    The title pretty much explains everything. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  6. Dan the audioman

    Sony D-EJ2000 vs. Sony D-EJ925

    I have a sony d-ej925 right now and I am itching for an upgrade to use with an SR-71 and ety er4s. Is the d-ej2000 much of an upgrade? will I notice a difference in sound? Thank you for your help. Best Regards, Dan
  7. Dan the audioman

    Need help building my own external hard drive

    **PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM BASICALLY A COMPUTER DUMBA$$ WHEN IT COMES TO THESE TYPES OF THINGS SO PLEASE BEAR WITH ME** I am going to make my own external hard drive for my laptop, and I was wondering if you could help me out. I am going to use a 200gig Seagate Barracuda hard drive...
  8. Dan the audioman

    Need help building my own external hard drive

    **PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM BASICALLY A COMPUTER DUMBA$$ WHEN IT COMES TO THESE TYPES OF THINGS SO PLEASE BEAR WITH ME** I am going to make my own external hard drive for my laptop, and I was wondering if you could help me out. I am going to use either a 160 or 200gig Seagate Barracuda hard...
  9. Dan the audioman

    RS-1 + Rudistor amps?

    Does anyone know how the Rudistor amps (RP3, RP4, RP5) would perform if they were driving RS-1's? Would there be good synergy? Any of you Rudistor owners have any comments? Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Dan
  10. Dan the audioman

    Arcam CD73t v.

    How does the CD-73t compare with some of the other budget players out there? Is it in the same league as say, the Rotel 1070, NAD C542, or Cambridge Audio Azure 640C? Would all of these players make decent transports if I wanted to add a DAC later? Dan. The Audio (MAN). EDITED BECAUSE I...
  11. Dan the audioman

    Is the NAD c521BEE really better than the c541i??

    Ive been searching around lately for a new cdp and the NAD c541i looks very excellent. However, if the c521BEE is really better as i have read in a few posts, then i will save myself some $$$, get a cdp that sounds better and holds multiple cd's which would be very convenient! So, are the...
  12. Dan the audioman

    Where to buy HD650's cheap?

    I have been searching around, but I cannot find anywhere that has these for under $400 that still has them in stock. Suggestions, please! Thanks. Dan
  13. Dan the audioman

    Marantz CD6000 vs. NAD C521BEE?

    Well the title explains pretty much what Im asking here. I have an opportunity to get a NAD C521BEE for $220, new. Do i take it or should I look into a Marantz CD6000? I have heard though, that the CD6000 doesnt play some cd's and most cd-r's, and that might pose a problem somewhere down the...
  14. Dan the audioman

    Is this insane? or do i have a chance?

    I want to make a gilmore v2. I was thinking I would buy the kit from Does the kit come with EVERYTHING i need, including the enclosure? Will i be able to do it?? I've made a couple cmoys, a PIMETA, and just a bunch of other DIY stuff. Is this enough experience or should i just...
  15. Dan the audioman

    Homegrown Audio DIVA braid?

    Hey everyone, im going to build a nice mini to RCA interconnect for when i put together my gilmore v2 (possibly v1) and dt 880 combo together. I was thinking i would make one using Homegrown audio DIVA braid, a canare mini, and some LOK rca's. People with experience with this cable (or of...
  16. Dan the audioman


    Did anyone happen to notice that when you enter any of the head-fi forums, it says Rick-Fi on the top? Why is it there? Anywho thought that was just rather awkward...
  17. Dan the audioman

    Does this case come in clear?

    Hello, I would like to show off the top of my amp and replace the top half (which now is black) with a clear top (or translucent...that would work just as well) and stick some blue leds in there for some show and some glow. Anyway, the case is a serpac A-27-9v. Does this case come in a clear or...
  18. Dan the audioman

    New woodie AT clip-ons!

    I just came across the Audio-Technica ATH-EW9 Sovereign Wood Headphones at Audiocubes! I think they are damn sexy! click here for the link However, $200, IMO is way overpriced. As sexy as these phones look, i doubt someone in their right mind would pay what audiocubes is asking. But then...
  19. Dan the audioman

    Modified Linkwitz Crossfeed...High Z or low?

    Should I use the part values in Chu Moy's article for the High Z configuration or the Low configuration? Which sounds better? thanks
  20. Dan the audioman

    Where oh where?...

    Now where are these people getting these custom titles?... I want
  21. Dan the audioman

    Good pot knob?

    I need to find a good pot knob to be used on the "blue velvet" in my PIMETA. The one I am using now is too short and you can see the shaft which, IMO, just won't do... Anyway, instead of searching endlessly through numerous sites, I am coming here to ask about any stylish, metal/aluminum...
  22. Dan the audioman

    Will it work?

    Hey can I get get by with most games with an ATI Mobility RADEON 7500 with 32mb of Video RAM and 256 mb of normal memory (RAM)? its on an IBM laptop... thanks, Dan
  23. Dan the audioman

    Help! My PIMETA isn't working!!!

    I just put together my PIMETA and it pretty much doesn't work! The LED works fine, but when I plugged in some phones, no sound! When i turned the pot (blue velvet) up all the way, I could faintly here the music. Please help me! Dan
  24. Dan the audioman

    Bypass able built in er4p to er4s converter built into PIMETA?

    I am currently building my PIMETA and would like to add a er4p to s converter into the amp (as I will primarily be using the amp with my etys) which can either be turned on (converted) or bypassed via a switch. How would I hook it up? What kind of switch would I use? thanks
  25. Dan the audioman

    Pictures of your DIY amp...

    Hey guys, i thought it would be cool to have a thread dedicated to pictures of our DIY babies...So just post some pics and we can get this thread rolling! (I would post myself, but I lack the required material...a digital camera...)