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  1. TKO

    Westone UM2 Eartips - Which Shure Black Olive Size?

    Everyone, am looking at trying out one of the Shure black olive eartips that I have been led to believe fit the Westone UM2s that I just picked up. In the Westone UM2 box there are the two default sizes and I prefer the taller model. Based on this which Shure size should I order? Any...
  2. TKO

    Compression Hell - Goo Goo Dolls Let Love In

    Hey Head-Fiers, does anyone else here in this forum have this CD? I love some of the music on it so my wife picked it up for me for Christmas. I tried listening to it twice now and find it so horribly compressed that it is painful to listen to. The CD I have is: Quote: UPC...
  3. TKO

    Q. Sennheiser CX300 - Any Ebay Recommendations of Sellers?

    Hi Head-Fiers, am looking at picking up a pair of Sennheiser CX300s to replace my broken Shure E2cs. The right earpiece cracked where they join together. :-( As I have serious concerns over the authenticity of some of the headphones etc. on Ebay, in particular, those from China, I would...
  4. TKO

    Recommendations Wanted - USB Audio w/headphone output

    Hi Head-Fiers, I am looking at adding a external USB audio device to my flat-screen iMac in order to replace the existing headphone output, which I find is inadequate to drive a headphone amplifier. Therefore the envisioned setup will be: - USB external device to output analog -...
  5. TKO

    Eargasm! - Katie Melua: Piece by Piece

    Head-Fiers, Katie Melua - Piece by Piece CD all songs, but in particular: Nine Million Bicycles Halfway Up The Hindu Kush On The Road Again Katie Melua - Website on the AKG K701s...... A little bit of heaven! Cheers. P.S. if you haven't heard this woman sing... Check her...
  6. TKO

    V-Moda Vibe - Where to Buy

    Hi Head-Fiers my Shure E2c`s just cracked and I am now in need of a new set of replacement IEMs. Think I will try these out. Any recommendations for Internet sites currently selling these, ideally with normal shipping and handling prices (to Canada), would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  7. TKO

    Q. Asia - The Definitive Collection (remastered)

    Hey Head-Fiers, Does anyone have this already, or is planning to buy it? I would be very interested in the sound quality of the remastering because Asia's other CD's are awful. Asia - The Definitive Collection - Amazon Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  8. TKO

    iPod (1G) Nano Gain Lineout v. Headphone

    Hey head-fiers, For anyone of you who has used both the headphone out and the lineout from an iPod Nano into a headphone amplifier, do you know if there is a difference in the output gain from one to the other? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  9. TKO

    Anyone Tried These Cables?

    Hi Everyone, looking at purchasing this item: and was curious if anyone here has tried it? Any information/recommendations greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Cheers. Tony(Ottawa)
  10. TKO

    Matching AKG K701 Graph - DC MOSFET Amplifier

    Hi Everyone, am seeking analytical insights into matching the AKG K701 graph (from Headroom) to my Sanyo Plus P55 DC MOSFET Amplifier/C55 Pre-Amplifier home system. =549]AKG K701 Graph The Pre-Amplifier offers some tone controls and subsonic system settings as follows: "The...