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  1. eyevancsu

    Thoughts on amps from the small guys.

    If a jack is directly attached to a board, i see a very slim chance of it ever coming off. I agree with Onix in that i also think that there will always be someone else to repair your amp, sometimes even for free. Ive seen various posts over the years of how different people offer their services...
  2. eyevancsu

    Need some amp advice.

    The mint is like posted earlier: meta is now tiny. The cmoy amps are often housed in the novelty candy tins (why some call it a mint) but are different from the regular "MINT" that tangent coined. -ivan c.
  3. eyevancsu

    Has your mom ever forgot your birthday??

    Quote: Originally Posted by JMT When my mom was alive, she never forgot my birthday. I, however, have forgotten my older son's date of birth (as opposed to his birthday). When his actual birthday comes around, I have never forgotten it (in fact, it is June 7th and I have already...
  4. eyevancsu

    Houston, Texas?

    I just noticed that you said affordable rents (ie no house), most places here are cheap especially the further south you go. Ive lived in a few apartments in town, including one of the two nicest in my area and paid $1200 for a nice 3bdrm apartment, but further south we've paid $880 for the...
  5. eyevancsu

    Houston, Texas?

    I think Houston is a pretty good city to live in. There are tons of different cultures everywhere you look and you might find more non-whites than whites lol. Houston gets pretty hot, but not too bad, what's bad is the humidity which brings the heat like 50degrees higher. The storms arent bad...
  6. eyevancsu

    Shellbrook Audio Lab integrity restored, IMO!

    Quote: Integrity has nothing to do with customer satisfaction. In a general sense, 'integrity’ refers to a quality of a person's character. In this case, it is not the trait of the customer, but that of the seller. I think that integrity of a builder/seller/vendor has everything to do...
  7. eyevancsu

    How can i cut holes in my enclosure??

    The puncher would most likely make a few small cracks in the plastic, so i wouldnt recommend it. If you dont plan on making too many holes, you can purchase the cheapest set of drill bits you can find, even dollar stores carry some for $1 or so, i wouldnt recommend them for metal, but they might...
  8. eyevancsu

    Is drilling or dremel my only choice?

    For the hole punch, if you want a bigger hole, just get a $3 rotary file for a drill or dremel that gradually gets bigger and it makes it a 2 second job for any hole. -Ivan C.
  9. eyevancsu

    Noo, Cerafines Crushed

    I have some leftover 470uf 16v cerafines i wouldnt mind letting you have. Drop me a pm or email at ivan -at- and i can have them out asap. -Ivan C.
  10. eyevancsu

    Cheaper to build or buy

    Its cheaper to build unless you dont have some of the tools needed; soldering iron, dmm, misc tools, etc. If you dont mind investing a little more in case you dont have the tools you can get a whole lot of learning done along with a great sounding amp. If your ultimate goal is just to have an...
  11. eyevancsu

    Ebay CMoys/anyone willing to build a cmoy/mint for me

    Quote: the cmoys on ebays are pretty expensive considering the build quality. Most of them are on protoboards and don't even have volume control. The ebay cmoys do go for a bit sometimes (not always), but some actually do have nice build quality and use pro pcb's (i see more and more...
  12. eyevancsu

    desoldering my volume pot (mint pcb) help..

    If you dont mind taking a small risk of burning your pot ( ), bridge all the pins together with solder and just pluck the pot out when all are heated (you'd have to cut off the mounting tabs, though). Ivan C.
  13. eyevancsu


    When you get sound from only one channel, is it distorted? Do you hear anything from the other (static, low volume, etc). It could be just a broken wire that may have been ripped off since it was working prior (i doubt its grounding or shorting unless something got under the board). Ivan C>
  14. eyevancsu

    Is my New Amp broken?!

    Sounds like there is a grounding or shorting problem, maybe a solder bridge with the power traces. If the board isnt cleaned thoroughly before, it could be shorting if the flux is conductive (happens to me all the time when im testing amps). When this happens, i only get a small amount of...
  15. eyevancsu

    Brighter leds for a CMOY?

    I use leds from . For which ever led (including 3mm like blue/red) i just put a 10k resistor and the light is eye-hurting bright. This is off a 9v battery, you could use the same resistor with the 12v and will give a slightly brighter light. You can use a resistor as low as 400ohms...
  16. eyevancsu

    roughly how much is this diy ?

    Id say $70-80 for a basic digikey/mouser pimeta. -ivan
  17. eyevancsu

    Cmoy Problem

    Maybe a short in one/both of the jacks? Try replacing them and see if that helps. For a few amps a few months ago, i had the same thing happen to me. I didnt bother to recheck the offset since i figured it was a faulty cable i made with radioshack plugs, there was a short between one channel and...
  18. eyevancsu

    Building my CMoy -- illustrated from start to finish

    Use a single-hole hole punch. For larger holes, like for the pot, you might need a drill. Or, just punch a bunch of holes close enough to each other to stuff the pot into. -ivan c.
  19. eyevancsu

    Buffered opa627

    Thanks guys, i appreciate the good words. Ive been a walgreens battery user for years, @ 2 for $.99, they're hard to beat. I havent done a comparison on battery life from a standard cmoy to a buffered, but the buffered will last less because of the extra current draw from the 3 buffers...
  20. eyevancsu

    Buffered opa627

    I just finished up two of these amps, one of which is for myself. Its a buffered cmoy with dual opa627s all in a regular sized mint tin. It has a buf634 for the left and another for the right channel. Also has a buffered power supply with another buf634. All the rest are the same basic parts...
  21. eyevancsu

    No Left Channel In Pimeta

    Is your pimeta cased up? If you mix the input and output grounds on your pimeta (like using a metal case), it will cause the sound to fade out after a few seconds, and cause your tle2426 to overheat (scald your fingers). This may not apply to you, but it happened to me a while back.
  22. eyevancsu

    First time amp builder OR where do I start?

    As far as the best newb amp to build, the cmoy would be #1: It can be done for pretty cheap and is quite easier than most others. -ivan c.
  23. eyevancsu

    SO-8 Package - How do you solder these suckers?

    [COLOR=Black]I dont think there are any sockets available for you to solder the chip to the mint board. What i always do is just tin all 8 pads first. Then grab the chip with some tweezers and put it directly on top of the tinned pads. With a steady hand, apply the iron to in between the pin...
  24. eyevancsu

    buffered CMOY in Eclipse mint tin (~300k)

    I tried doing the same thing a few weeks ago, about fitting into an eclipse tin. I got the dark blue one and fit the actual board at the very bottom of the tin, and put the jacks, switch, led, and pot on the side wall, with only a few mm to spare for the 9v battery. It didnt look too good at...