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  1. ChicagoNB

    OK DIYers. Answer me this

    Is it possible to take an Apple Nano open it up and remove the guts and replace the guts with a rockboxes iRiver so the Nano then creates a digital ouptut line. MY assumption is that you should be able to disconnect the screen and scroll wheel and reattach them to the control cables of an iRiver...
  2. ChicagoNB

    Sorry if this question has been asked before.

    Is the line out on the current generation of iPod Nano the same as the previous generation Nano. Thinking of upgrading but I don't want to have to go out and get a new line out if they are different. Thanks for any and all responses.
  3. ChicagoNB

    Which is has better sq?

    Which generation of the iPod shuffle has the best sq. I'm looking at either the current version or previous version. I'm using it for gym purposes and don't want to amp it up for the gym. Both generations are available so I want to get the best sounding one, since the price differences is...
  4. ChicagoNB

    Does this exist and if so where?

    Is there a LOD connector out there that is a) low profile and b) have the wires coming out of the back instead of the bottom. I would like to find one like this so I don't have to worry about the wires hanging down and getting pressured or severed from putting in my pocket. Any help is...
  5. ChicagoNB

    Can this be done?

    Is it possible to make a Mini3 or Cmoy in a case that could also hold a 2nd gen Nano so that it would be one package and with no external wires other than the headphone out jack? Or is this asking for the impossible? Chris
  6. ChicagoNB

    Opinions and Recommnedations Needed

    What type of wire do you think provides the best sound? Please provide link or site to purchase. Reason for asking: I had an IC custom made by another headfier and I compared his to an old IC made by Turbo (I have no idea what material was used in his IC) and I compared them back to back...
  7. ChicagoNB

    Quick question

    Just go a new Tomahawk and want to burn it in so I can see the difference now between the squeaky clean Tomahawk and my already burnt in Zin. I am also getting 2 custom made interconnects to use my Turbo. So the question is: How should I best burn my Tomahawk and new interconnects in. I am...
  8. ChicagoNB

    Non-DYIer Question.

    Being an non-DYIer, although I want to make some of my own stuff, I had a couple of questions before I take the plunge. By building your own CMoy or Mini3 does it make the sound any better than say an RSA Hornet or Zin Supermicro/macro? How much do you have to change in the kits to make a...
  9. ChicagoNB

    Cable Recommendation

    What is a good brand of cable to make a mini to mini cable. I am looking for a silver, insulated cable to braid. Any help will be gratefully appreciated.
  10. ChicagoNB

    Amp Kit

    Other than the Mini3 and CMOY are there any other do it yourself amp kits out there? I'd like to build my own and have a selection of cases and quality builds for inside. I currently have a Xin SuperMicro and would like to replicate/improve upon it and make it smaller if possible. Where do I...
  11. ChicagoNB

    Has Anyone Made One of These

    Has anyone been able to create an interconnect where the plug comes out of the headphone jack at a right angle BUT lie virtually flus with the side of whatever it is plugged into? You know, not sticking out a 1/4 inch but but nearly flat surfaced. So if you stick it in an ipod headphone jack the...
  12. ChicagoNB

    User Interface

    What is everyone's opinion of the new UI on the new Ipods. I am not to thrilled with the split screen on the Nano. It also seems to lag a little when you change topics before the new image comes up. And the scroll wheel feels a bit too sensitive. Anyone else's thoughts.
  13. ChicagoNB

    UE 10 Owners and 11

    This should probably go in the DIY forum but I thought I would ask here. First question, have any DIYers thought about a method for using an audiologist foam (the stuff they use to make your ear impressions) to modify their UE 10's to make them suitable for someone else to use? I know...
  14. ChicagoNB


    This morning I thought my UE10s were dead in the right ear!!! I nearly freaked. Then I tried them hooked up straight to my Nano and they worked. Relief! So here is my problem, is my Zin MicroAmp, TurboDock or Turbo's Wire to blame for the failure in getting sound to the right side? I put new...
  15. ChicagoNB

    Headphones For Little Girls

    I got my little sister an iPod for xmas. She wants a new pair of headphones and not IEMs. What are a good set of headphones for a 14 year-old girls that have good sound and are durable. She had a pair of Sony monitor headphones which she really liked. I just want others opinions before getting...
  16. ChicagoNB


    How do you rip a dvd that I own into iTunes? Do I have to purchase some piece of software or is there a reliable shareware out there that will do the job. I just got my first movie playing iPod and have no clue what to do without buying all new movies from iTunes. Please help. And your...
  17. ChicagoNB


    Can anyone get onto iLounge. I have been trying for more than a week and can't get onto their site. Anyone got a trick to getting in?
  18. ChicagoNB

    Calling all line out dock users

    When you bought your dock, did you have to specify the lenth of the cord and typ of connector? For instance, the Cotton Dock has the braided wires. Did you have to say I need those wires to stretch x inches or was it preset on how long the wire were going to be. I know TurboDock does not come...
  19. ChicagoNB

    What would you do?

    I want to play video on my Nano!!! I know that this cannot be done. Here is my reasoning. I take several loooong car trips for holidays, longish car trips to visit the parents and some work travel. So, I thought the new Nano would play video, but I didn't read the fine print and it doesn't. I...
  20. ChicagoNB

    I don't want to use the headphone jack

    Opinions needed. I am downsizing my portable rig to the new Nano, SuperMini to go with my UE 10Pros. What docking system should I be using? I have a Turbo Dock III and a custom made wire from Turbo. Is this the best I should be using? I have heard and seen the CottonDock. Are there others...
  21. ChicagoNB

    Movies on Nano

    Is it possible to watch a movie on the 8g Nano? If so, how? I got my movies downloaded into iTunes but can't put them on my Nano. Anyone know of a fix? This would make my Nano the ultimate piece of equipment. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  22. ChicagoNB

    Has anyone checked this out

    Yesterday I was looking at the Best Buy flier and they had something called a Zeon (?). You dock your iPod to the back of the device and it plays your videos on 7" screen. I had never seen nor heard of any such device. Link to the product is listed below. Anyone have experience with this...
  23. ChicagoNB

    Amp for the Micro

    Do any of you Micro owners feel the need/desire to add an amp to your Micro to enhance the sound? If so which one. Just curious.
  24. ChicagoNB

    I Feel Like the Luckiest Person on the Planet

    I got my Christmas gift this weekend. My new Zen Micro. I think I have about the perfect setup. My Zen Micro (Black, I didn't think I would like the black but and quite pleased with the color) and my Shure E5c's to listen to everything. I am still learning how to use it but am slowly figuring it...
  25. ChicagoNB

    What's the best

    What does everyone think is the best portable player out there? I am looking for something that has an equalizer and can create playlists on the player itself rather than thru your pc (does such an item exist). I just saw an advertisement for the new Samsung Portable Media Center looks very...