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  1. hciman77

    Well I quit !

    I have seen an alarming amount of censorship on this community - I find this quite depressing. A thread I posted today questioning Mod behavior was deleted and this is far from the first time that fairly innocuous threads have been disappeared by unilateral mod action. Sadly I feel I have no...
  2. hciman77

    Gone Gone Gone

    Thread now redundant
  3. hciman77

    And it isnt even April 1st

    Strong contender for daftest sport ever (imo of course) And I thought that synchronized swimming was odd.....
  4. hciman77

    Cheap Turntable Isolation Solution ?

    Before I give up on Vinyl I want to see if I can do something to isolate my TT. At present I have my turntable sitting on a fairly solid but non-decoupled wooden table with tubular metal legs, the option for a separate floor-based stand/table such as my old Sound Organization Table or specialist...
  5. hciman77

    Aaaaarrrgh too many Denons !

    I had been looking for a TT for a while now and had placed snipes on a few that came up , I won an Denon DP35F but I also had active snipes on others , today I realised I still had a snipe set up for a DP30L with V15 III, I did leave it quite late to cancel it and when I went in to the sniper...
  6. hciman77

    Pointless vandalism in the leafy suburbs

    Yesterday I came home from walking the dog to find I had a flat tire. It turns out that person or persons unknown had gone through my neighbourhood and slashed the Tires on 31 cars. Well, the news folks called it slashed but in fact on mine it was a tiny hole, such as you might get from an...
  7. hciman77

    Pioneer PL510 DD TT - any good ?

    Seen one of these for sale at $50 sans stylus - is it worth a gamble or is it not very good ?
  8. hciman77

    need large reliable USB external hard drive

    I have decided I want a backup of my music files currently on CD - I figure 500gb will suffice and allow some future growth. Can anybody reccomend a reliable external hard drive - my PC is a laptop so internal drives are not an option. I have seen plenty for sale but all (so far) have had...
  9. hciman77

    So who came third in last year's TDF ?

    At this rate anyone who finished clean in the top 20 could be champion Looks like he spoke too soon
  10. hciman77

    An interesting paper on jitter audibility The study provides evidence that audible limits on some forms of jitter, they used a random jitter pattern, may actually be somewhat higher than even the Benjamin and Gannon study which indicated a threshold of about 20ns. In the study...
  11. hciman77

    cheap, easy to drive , closed headphones, not expecting miracles

    Having just had my first experience flying with my new toy - Zen Xtra and finding that the PX100s have almost no isolation I seek a closed solution. It doesnt have to be the last word in sound quality but it must have "decent" isolation and be easy to drive and preferably not too bulky. I...
  12. hciman77

    Help need Lute Music reccomendations

    I have just discovered the wonders of Lute Music, I have the collected works for Lute by John Dowland and Lord Cherbury's book of Lute Music, what a cool instrument. Does anybody have any good reccomendations. Cheers Jim
  13. hciman77

    Capturing frames/screenshots from Windows Media Video

    I am trying to put together a Video Summarization exercise for some Graduate Information Systems students. I want the students to be able to show keyframes with their text descriptions of the videos. What I need is a "freeware" utility that ruins under Windows 2000/XP that can capture...
  14. hciman77

    HD580 HD555 HD595 do curves matter as such

    As I really like my HD580s I have decided to get a 2nd pair for work. Having raised enough funds I ask myself might it be worth experimenting with 555s or 595s, both of which I can now afford. When I look at the FR curves... Whike there are slightly different peaks and troughs all three...
  15. hciman77

    Handel Organ Concerti (Concertos ?)

    Just discovered Op 7 No 1 on my Brilliant Classics Handel Masterworks box - much of the stuff on it is somewhat ho hum but the Organ Concerto Op 7 No 1 is cracking , hopefully the others will be as good - I Like a good bit of organ (oo er missus) and Handel's organ seems as good as Bach's...
  16. hciman77

    Changing block size on a Windows 2000 drive

    A while back I converted my FAT32 drive on a Win 2K ystem to NTFS. This seemed to make disk performance worse. So yesterday I converted back to FAT32. Now it has taken me over 4.5 hours to get the disk defragmented - still not done and disk performance seems just as bad. Since tis an old junker...
  17. hciman77

    Looking for a slim and not deep speaker amplifier

    I have an desire to get a set of bookshelf speakers and small Integrated amplifier for my work system. Small bookshelf speakers are no problem but a small amplifer - no more than 12 inches deep and 5 inches tall and cheap may be a bit of a challenge. I am really only looking to spend $100 or so...
  18. hciman77

    Replacing a retaining wall

    The saga of our ongoing house buying continues. Our landlord has come back with a more reasonable offer on the house we are living in i.e (n - 15K) which we are happier with. However this may be contingent on us replacing the garden retaining wall which has degraded badly over time and which he...
  19. hciman77

    Looking for a Home Inspection - how do I judge

    We are considering buying the house we currently rent but we dont want to go too far into the process without knowing if there are any major problems with it. So we want to set up a Home Inspection to find out what (if any) unknown problems exist. There seems to be no real legal oversight of...
  20. hciman77

    Has anyone had central air installed ?

    We are at last planning to buy a house. We have seen several houses we like but few of them have central air, something we are rather fond of now and central air seems to bump the price up a little. We were wondering how much it would cost to install central air (from scratch, i.e in a house...
  21. hciman77

    Looking for a cheap DVD/CD/MP3 player

    I want to try a cheap universal ($50 - $75) for my work system. It must have the following abilities Redbook playback MP3 Playback both VBR and CBR (up to 320K) Play CD-R (650Mb and 700MB) Some track display without a telly Sound decent Anybody got experince of a unit that does all...
  22. hciman77

    Portable Mp3 CD player (iRiver) vs modest DVD player ?

    I sometimes listen to Mp3s at work and was wondering if an investment in a lower end DVD etc player (i.e $50) would yield better Mp3 (or redbook) playback than my iRver Slimx. Does anybody have a point of comparison. TIA
  23. hciman77

    Rockhopper Portable Pimeta - first impressions

    I am a burn-in skeptic but I should mention that this is fresh out of the USPS Priority mail box. Looks very nicely made the board is laid out neatly and connections look very professional, the volume control with the 2 rubber rings is so cute, input and output jacks (mini) seem solid and...
  24. hciman77

    Can I mention bad ebay sellers here ?

    Not sure about the etiquette of this. I have had a bad experience with an ebay seller. Partly I want to rant and partly to warn others, is it acceptable to mention ebay sellers by name here ?
  25. hciman77

    Last picture shows down the drive-in

    Wow, for the first time in 33 years I have actually been able to hear these lyrics, I dont know how many times I have listened to this song over the years, but it must be a lot and that line was always undiscernible. That is it my upgrade path is over. 10 points for identifying the song...