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  1. megawzrd

    Megadeth Endgame

    I thought 'the system has failed' was a nice return from the fore-mentioned classics.  Chris Poland contributed some pretty good guitar work on that album.   I will have check out this album.  I am not worried about the album being heavy.  The question it good heavy?   It just...
  2. megawzrd

    JVC marshmellow help

    So I have done some light google searching and yeah there are some results on replacement tips for marshmellows but nothing specific to my concern. I have always had problems with inner ear headphones popping out. Even just sitting around. I don't think I have large ears, they seem like they go...
  3. megawzrd

    Deftones fans?

    You should definitely pick up "around the fur" and "white pony", "saturday night wrist" was weird...I never got into it. I would give "around the fur" and "white pony" more play time than "adrenaline" when I was listening to them alot...not to say that "adrenaline" wasn't a kick ass album. I...
  4. megawzrd

    Them Crooked Vultures.

    supergroup...huh? I heard them last week over a friends house. It was ok...but all the songs sounded the same after a while. so what is the supergroup roster here?
  5. megawzrd

    Sorry to be the bearer of sad news: RIP Mitch Mitchell

    RIP Mitch. ...time to listen to the experience.
  6. megawzrd

    Favorite Radiohead song?

    You and Whose Army ...atm
  7. megawzrd

    Amazon sucks now

    Yeah, shipping delay has gotten crappy as of late. Then again I usually order things and try to forget about them so I am pleasantly surprised when they come. Also you can't complain about super saver free shipping. The amazon prime free trial I had was pretty nice. But I don't think I will...
  8. megawzrd

    Guitar-fi anyone?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Coop47 If anyone lives near a Guitar Center in the US, this is a good weekend to go browsing as they have a ton of great in-store markdowns. I walked into one tonight and asked what were some of the best deals they were offering on amps, and wound up going...
  9. megawzrd

    Band of Brothers

    One of my favorite series...seen it through a few times and loaned it out many more.
  10. megawzrd


    tweakers The music is kinda boring and the videos are too weird. The second song is better though...imo.
  11. megawzrd

    My cubicle of Post-its!

    Nice job, glad to see someone making constructive use of their free time at work.
  12. megawzrd

    What'd You Guys Think of The Dark Knight?

    I thought the movie was pretty awesome, the best batman so far. Then again, up until Batman Begins there was nothing much to compare to besides Michael Keaton's first effort. The sequels got progressively worse. I still will not force myself to see the one with Arnie as Mr. Freeze. Ledger's...
  13. megawzrd

    what are your favorite bjork songs

    Quote: Originally Posted by davidhunternyc I am not familiar with Bjork but I would like to buy a CD by her. Does anyone have any recommendations? Try this thread
  14. megawzrd

    What are the best headphones for mixing Electronic Music?

    AKG 240 sextett MP. I find them enjoyable for listening and at the same time they can be great for mixing. The 240M can be a tad sterile sometimes...that is why I still hang on to my sextett. BTW...if you said that your 240s you had sounded too quiet you probably were not amping them...
  15. megawzrd

    What age did you start drinking?

    19...Hornsby's Hard Apple Cider I believe, thanks to a unique roommate sophomore year I liked to call "acid-man."
  16. megawzrd

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Dweezil Zappa - Go with what you know
  17. megawzrd

    Mobo and CPU under $200

    I have been on the same outlook and I was pretty much set on getting another p35 gigabyte board but then I heard about a DPC latency problem: AnandTech - Gigabyte Boards and DPC Latency Now I am not sure. I might just wait for their P45 boards to drop in price a bit. I do like gigabytes...
  18. megawzrd

    Jazz Recommendations??

    + 1 to Grant Green I only have one of his albums "The original Jammaster Vol 2" I always listen to 'Bad Benson' every once in a while (solid George Benson album)
  19. megawzrd

    Desktop or Laptop Person ?

    desktop user here ...unfortunately my laptop is on permanent loan to my sister (it was nice to have handy for living room use though)
  20. megawzrd

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Frank Zappa - Zoot Allures
  21. megawzrd

    Anyone Else Playing in the WSOP?

    good luck...hope you make it far
  22. megawzrd

    Post your computer specs!~

    still chugging on: 4200+ x2 939 asus a8ne 2gb ddr400 ati x800xl audigy 2z 74gb raptor 500gb storage
  23. megawzrd

    1st post!

    welcome Mike...happy listening
  24. megawzrd

    Hey Guys What Guitar is the Most Awesome?

    +1 for the Strat...I'd say the Les Paul in a close second
  25. megawzrd

    2008 NBA Playoffs Thread

    Go Celtics! Hell of a comeback.