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    Comply TX-series vs. normal T-series?

    Does the wax filter included in the TX-series make any significant impact on the sound as opposed to the regular T-series? The wax-guard feature seems like it could be helpful, but I'm hesitant, given that they drive the cost up $5 and seem like they could impact sound... Anyone with experience...
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    Is it just me or are Muse albums recorded badly?

    I notice that when I'm listening to their songs, they seem to lack some of that impact and energy that I feel the songs should have, so I was wondering if anyone else noticed that... I'm also pretty sure it's not my headphones
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    A151 v. CC51 v. Xcape v. RE-0 v. Turbines?

    I'm looking into buying some IEMs in the $70-$90 range, and these are the ones that seem to get the most attention (Turbines are included b/c of the Amazon sale). So how do they stack up against each other? I listen to classical, rock, pop, and other random stuff in between, so I'm really just...
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    Best IEM's off Amazon <$250?

    Odd question, I know, but I've got a bunch of money stored up in Amazon gift cards, so I was wondering what are the best IEM's I can get with them... I know they have the Triple-Fi 10's for ~$180, but is there anything better for less than $250? (Preferably $200, but I can stretch) Just curious...
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    How good are the HD595s?

    So I have the Audio-Technica M50s, and I've been looking into maybe getting a pair of open headphones to complement the sound. I've seen the Senn HD 595s on Amazon for around $130, and I'm wondering how they compare to some of the other open offerings out there... Unfortunately, I can't afford...