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  1. bass_nut

    Show me your headphone stands/displays!

    Quote: Originally Posted by heishiro ^ sweet aluminums.. thanks sir heishiro ..these were formerly "bakal boys trio" when i had an ms2i last year.. ey, congrats on your brand new 25th Anniv PP
  2. bass_nut

    Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

    Pioneer DV610av dvd/sacd/cd player .. very good cd transport via digital coax out hooked on external dac .. matched well on HD-Ready TVs at home
  3. bass_nut

    Rechargeable AAs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by revolink24 x4. Eneloops are amazing. x6 i had a set of 4 AAs i bought in Las Vegas 3 years ago.. forgot all about the unused/sealed package as these batteries became available in Hong Kong and eventually in my country where i sourced other batches...
  4. bass_nut

    Post your Macro Photos!

    very beautiful shots !!! .. especially the cute little frog
  5. bass_nut

    Drumming Headphones!

    i do not know price point but preferred by some drummers Metrophones Travis Barker
  6. bass_nut

    Post your Macro Photos!

    Seiko 5 diver's watch
  7. bass_nut

    My First DSLR...

    i shoot with nikon system for approximately 27 years.. shifted to Canon more than 7 years ago.. Nikon has better ergonomics but Canon has better after sales service (at least in my country) entry level dSLR nikon or canon plus kit lens will be a very good start you may eventually buy more...
  8. bass_nut

    1/4" to 1/8", quality and where to buy?

    Quote: Originally Posted by baka1969 The Grado 1/4 to 1/8 is high quality and it's design helps relieve stress on the headphone jack. i agree 102% got mine (and Grado sr325iS) from
  9. bass_nut

    How much has your musical taste changed?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Speex I've always wondered why my musical tastes are different than other kids of my age (I'm 13). I really don't know..... I've always been into the 80's and early 90's. Whenever someone borrows my iPod and tells me how my music sounds like crap, I always...
  10. bass_nut

    How Do YOU Make a Difference?

    i try to be honest to myself and others ..respect and treat everyone as equal to self
  11. bass_nut

    Can the cable make a big differences?

    No .. even inexpensive FiiO LOD very good already if you want to get better SQ start focusing on source and source playback.. then transducers.. then all gears between these
  12. bass_nut

    Any Feedback re: iBasso LOD

    as per my observation there is minimal (if any) improvement through wires/cables lest installed wires/cables were serving as resistors (very thin and very poor quality) than conductors... i would rather focus on source and source playback first, then very good transducers.. then audio gears...
  13. bass_nut

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    double disc album on heavy rotation through inexpensive dvd player hooked via optical cable to SuperPro 707dac >> headphones gears [LD mk ll + sr325iS]
  14. bass_nut

    Any Feedback re: iBasso LOD

    Quote: Originally Posted by supern0va Thanks for the pic! Really nice! And thanks for the comments. Have you compared this to other more expensive LODs? Has anyone else tried the LOD from iBasso? @ supern0va for decades i've been into lots of expensive and inexpensive...
  15. bass_nut

    Grado 325is. Great headphones!

    Quote: Originally Posted by RushYYZ @bass nut: That's a stable of pure awesome. I've wondered, cause I never had a chance to hear them, if the ms2 is as awesome for '70s rock as the 325is is. I can't say I've ever enjoyed the '70s stuff as much as I have through the 325, but I'd...
  16. bass_nut

    The Grado HF-2 Review/Comparison Thread

    HF-2 vs ms2i vs sr325iS Grado HF-2 has better instrument separation than ms2i and sr325iS ... bass tad bit better than ms2i ... but i like all of these 3 metal Grados/Alessandros FWIW, i prefer rock/pop, new age music, new wave, disco, motown hits.. i like guitars.. very fast drums ...
  17. bass_nut

    Any Feedback re: iBasso LOD

    actual picture fit snugly on my iPod Classic as compared to some of my inexpensive DIY LODs .. buddies tried and used these on iPhones and iTouch with no problem... i did not perceive SQ degradation due to this LOD
  18. bass_nut

    QUICK help: First tube amp purchase

    Little Dot mk ll (mine is modified, added 1/8' output jack) plus external dac these combination sound great with my Grados/Alessandros (MS1, MS2i, sr325iS, HF-2) and my friends' headphones (sr225, denon ah-d2000) most of the time i listen to rock/pop, nam, new wave, disco...
  19. bass_nut

    When you rip your CDs

    it depends on the artists/musicians/groups ... if the album was done by one of my all time favorite groups i ripped all and sync ALL to iPod .. groups like AMERICA, ACOUSTIC ALCHEMY if the groups/artists are familiar ones but included some strange or cuts that do not suit my taste i...
  20. bass_nut

    Features we would love to see in portable amps

    1) bass boost.. 3 stage would be sweet 2) low/medium/high gain selector switch 3) built-in very good dac which can function as stand alone 4) 1/4' & 1/8' output jack.. i alos hate adaptors 5) battery low and full indicator (LED would suffice) and bulit-in charger each or some of these are...