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  1. Vedder323

    Bowers & Wilkins P3 Review - Video

    Hey Folks, its been ages since I have been over here at headfi...  I wanted to post a review of the P3 headphones. Disclaimer: I did not purchase these headphones. They were sent to me as a sample demo for the purpose of this review. I am not being paid for this review or any reviews on the site...
  2. Vedder323

    Any DACs out there that will "best" my Denon 2910 and not break the bank?

    Been thinking about upgrading my old Denon 2910 and was wondering if there is something in the DAC flavor that can beat the performance of the Denon without spending a gazillion?   $500-?
  3. Vedder323

    F ing dog! I need replacement pads for my ATH-AD900s!

    Can anyone hook me up with a way to replace my pads! The f ing dog tore up both the ear pads and the ones that sit atop your head.
  4. Vedder323

    V6/7506 replacement pads? Stocks are hot!

    I was wondering if they have some more comfy pads for the V6/7506s? The stock ones get warm and bug the crap out of me, what are my options?
  5. Vedder323

    Best of the best gaming cans?

    Im looking for some REALLY comfy and great sounding cans for WOW... Anyone have suggestions? Ill be wearing them for 8-10 hours/day at times so they need to fit like a glove...
  6. Vedder323

    Looking for some short speaker stands, help please :)

    Anyone know where I can get some really short bookshelf stands? 6-10 inch???
  7. Vedder323

    JMT Audio site?

    anyone know if JMT is still taking orders? Site seems to be down?
  8. Vedder323

    Sony MDR-SA5000... amp recommendations

    So I got my 5ks and im in love... what amp do you think is the best way to go for these cans?
  9. Vedder323

    Norh Se-18 Is something wrong??? Need tube experts!

    I was listening to my Norh SE-18 tube amp last night. After 2-3 hours, when the amp became HOT... the right channel became VERY quiet compared to the left. This is the 2nd time this has happend... What can I do to trouble shoot?
  10. Vedder323

    Brines acoustics FT-1600 MKII...

    Anyone familiar with this speaker? I am getting ready to pull the trigger... ill be using my SE-18
  11. Vedder323

    Best sounding budget cd player under $300? This looks like a good deal...

    I found this cambridge audio cd player and it looks to be a good deal? Anyone know if I should consider anything else in this price range?
  12. Vedder323

    ERROR (foo_cdda) : cd access failed... NEED Foobar help!

    Im trying to set up a new box and im having trouble while using ASIO in Foobar. Has anyone recieved this error and know the fix? ERROR (foo_cdda) : cd access failed
  13. Vedder323

    What cable do YOU use for RCA interconnects?

    I read the awesome sticky on DIY cable and I wanna try it! I am using an EMU 1212m as a source and a PPX3 as an amp. Im wondering what cable you use and where you get it from? Thanks! PS... Do I understand the sticky when he says you ONLY need 2 individual wires for a RCA-RCA interconnect...
  14. Vedder323

    possible to use a mic with 1212M?

    Hey guys... has anyone tried you using a mic directly in the 1212m? I cant get mine to work. Suggestions or walk throughs would be cool!
  15. Vedder323

    Where is the ASIO plugin for Foobar?

    Must be blind, I dont see it on there site
  16. Vedder323

    I have joined the Singlepower team...

    Just placed my order with Mikhail... My PPX3 with Solen upgrade I is on the WAY!!! Ill post some pics as soon as it arrives! PS... my 1212m will be here tomorrow as well! NO MORE AUDIGY 2!!!
  17. Vedder323

    Does the 1212m come with everythin you need for RCA inputs?

    Mine is in the mail and id like to know if it comes with everything ill need for my amp.
  18. Vedder323

    1212m or cheap cd-sacd player?

    I did a search and didnt come up with anything that compares the 1212m with the new Sony SCD595 Im curious if the 1212m will rival the 595s rebook performance?
  19. Vedder323

    Why doesnt the headroom consider the R-10s the worlds best dynamic?

    Biased by what they sell? Im only curious...
  20. Vedder323

    after 2 days of 580s and 650s with a CMOY and CHEAP source...

    I have decided that I cant tell a darn bit o' difference between the 2 other than the 580s are lighter and more comfortable! I dont want any flames here, think about what im saying... if you only have enough cash for a cheap source and a CMOY amp... Dont bother getting the 650s. You probably...
  21. Vedder323

    Toshiba quality sucks on the 3950 regardless how it sounds -=RANT=-

    You know, I can understand why we all want a good sounding redbook player for only $50 but the next time I read a "Wow, a NEW CHEAP player that KICKS *****" I think ill pass up the offer. My first 3950 "brand new" had a problem after a few hours of listening. The analog jack outputs became...
  22. Vedder323

    buying a used MG HEAD 32... need help

    Hey guys... im getting ready to buy an MG HEAD 32 and the owner says... "But the only annoyance I've experienced is that the amp needs to warm up for about 1 hour before use. If not, for some reason, the left channel seems underpowered? Not sure why this happened, but seemed minor since it...
  23. Vedder323

    Polk VS Infinity-need advice...

    I am currently working for company that offers a good accomidation program from polk audio and Infinity. I am young and dont have a lot of money but I plan on buying my system piece by piece. I have heard some polk speakers and infinity speakers at work and I think I like the infinity sound a...
  24. Vedder323

    Coming back to the DARKSIDE.

    Resistance is futile. It has been nearly 8 months since ive had a nice set of cans. I had to sell everything I had (Larocco PPA-HD 650s) becuase of dark days. Well... the sun is shining again and im soon ready to venture back into the world of headphones. So... what should I try? Im thinking...
  25. Vedder323

    Swan M200's-reviews, comments, opinons???

    Anyone have any reviews, comments, or opinions on these speakers? Are they a step up from the usual Klipsh or Logitech mainstream speakers?