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  1. Asmo

    Review: CIAudio VDA-1/VAC-1 vs E-MU 1212m

    EMU-1212m vs Channel Islands VDA-1 & VAC-1 With 72 hours of burn in on my new Channel Islands VDA-1 & VAC-1 combo, I have decided to write up a small review of these two units. Specifications: VDA-1: $349 Inputs: (2) Toslink Optical, Coaxial SP/DIF Locking Frequencies: 44.1k...
  2. Asmo

    Best bang for my upgrade dollars? Speakers? Source??

    Hey all, I'm turning to head-fi to help me plan my upcoming purchases I have been putting off since xmas holidays, this April i'm moving into a new place, and I am getting a new office/music room, it will be about 15x20 (approx). Anyways, I have a few grand to throw at some upgrades I've been...
  3. Asmo

    Amp cleaning & maintenance

    Hello all, I was wondering what do you guys use to clean your amps and audio gear? Such as volume pots, general dust removal, headphone jacks, cd trays, headphones?, etc. What types of cleaner is safe to use on the front that won't scratch? Just use compressed air for the inside to remove...
  4. Asmo

    Best musical sub for $400~

    Hey all, quick question, I'm looking for a very good sub for music, I was looking at the new SVS 10" sub that is $399, but it only has sub line level inputs, I need a sub that will take stereo speaker wire inputs. (Will be just running wire off my amp to the sub, my NAD is 2-channel int.amp no...
  5. Asmo

    My next upgrade path

    Hello all ~ I need some advice on where to go with my next upgrades, currently my rig is emu 1212m (stock) analog outs via zu oxyfuels to my NAD c320 BEE amp (which has relatively great headphone output, comparable to meta42 class of amps) and my sennheiser HD590s w/DIY upgrade cable I...
  6. Asmo

    Revo vs NAD 521BEE (& other entry level CDPs)?

    I currently own a m-audio revo, and I have a offer to pick up a NAD 521BEE at a discounted price, so I am wondering, quickly, if the nad 521BEE is worth it over the revo? Or would this CDP not be a huge improvement, better to keep saving.
  7. Asmo

    Simple question about IC 'adapters' (jack to RCA)

    Hello, I recently stumbled accross a good deal on a m-audio audiophile 2496, and picked it up used, and while waiting for it to arrive, I realize I will need a RCA IC from the card to my amp, not a big deal, but right now I am using zu cable pivot mini-rca -- my question here is, I want to a/b...
  8. Asmo

    Help me decide on next upgrade

    Hey all, I will have some cash this fall to ugprade my current rig, about $300-500 CDN ($250-400 US approx), I am lookin for some input in where I can improve my sound the most for my dollar What i'm running right now: Headphones: Sennheiser HD590 (stock cables) Source: PC / Audigy 2 -...
  9. Asmo

    Worthwhile Upgrade? HD590 --> HD600?

    Hey, this is my situation, I bought my senn 590s about 4 months ago, love em, nice headphones, but at the same time, I also bought some bookshelves (paradigm monitor 5s) and a paradigm pdr8 subwoofer -- the reason I am thinking of upgrading is because - I find this lil 8" sub to not really...