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  1. 3Double

    Please help w/1212 question...

    Last night, my 1212 was working fine. Today, I can't get any audio to output, except for the test tone in the patchmix software. How do I set up the patchmix software to work with itunes or foobar. I have my windows control panel setting set up to use the EMU as the soundcard.I have my...
  2. 3Double

    Really quick ihp-120 / 4g ipod comparison

    my buddie's on his way over here w/his new 4g and I have my new ihp-120. we're gonna do some blind a/b'ing w/wavs. Maybe not the most conclusive scientific test, but I think that should give me enough of an idea to make a final decision. Headphones: Ety-4S, Shure E2, Sennheiser HD-25 1s
  3. 3Double

    CD3000 vs HD650 for Melos-SHA1

    My Melos is enroute soon, and I'm wondering what kind of cans I should get. I will primarily be using the Melos as a pre, but I want to take advantage of its excellent headamp potential as well. I've read quite a few reviews of the cd3000 and the HD650, but I've never read any head to head...
  4. 3Double

    How do you rate the Antique Sound Lab MG Head DT/OTL?

    Is it worth the moolah? Any easy, cheap upgrades for it? What does it pair well with, in your experience? Thanks in advance. I'm thinking about using it with an EMU 1212 and Ety-4Ss for now, but I'd like more comfortable, closed cans.
  5. 3Double

    Any recommendations on a tubed preamp/headamp combo

    Besides the stealth. If I could get the stealth for it's intro price, I might consider it, but as is, that's a bit out of my league. I'm upgrading my 2 channel and I figure I'll see if I can kill 2 birds here, so I'm open to suggestions. thanks
  6. 3Double

    Upcoming review iRiver-120 vs Hi-MD (Sony NH900 or NH1)

    Ok, I'm seriously debating whether to go with Hi-MD or a HD based player. So I've decided to get both, let them battle it out, and then return the loser. I understand that Hi-MD isn't as convenient as the ihp, but since when was portaphilia about convenience? It's never been for me, anyway...
  7. 3Double

    Anyone using ihp-120 + Ety-ER4s + amp?

    I have the Ety's already. I also have a xin superdual coming eventually. What I'm wondering is whether or not I should invest in an ihp-120. My concerns are: a.) the fake line-out won't sound as good as the true lineout on my MZ-R50 b.) HD based players just don't sound as good as MD...
  8. 3Double

    Amp for Sony R50 MD and/or Ety 4S

    I'm considering the Ray Samuels portable, but I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions for the Ety's and/or the r50. My r50 is in the mail...yay.
  9. 3Double

    Making my PC a good source.

    Here's what I have: Ety-4S Midiman Quattro USB soundcard P4 2.8 (rather noisey due to case fans and HD) I'm going to have an Emmeline portable amp soon I want my PC to eventually be a very good source for my amp and Ety's. I plan on using EAC to encode my cds. Should I worry about...
  10. 3Double

    I've got Ety 4S's, where now?

    I'm wondering what a good next set of 'phones would be for listening to mostly jazz. I'm planning on powering them w/either an xp7, cosmic or a PPA. Thanks in advance.
  11. 3Double

    Good 1st amp for heaf-fi newb?

    My only real criteria are that the amp be able to run on batteries for portable use as well a wall wart option. I've never used an amp w/my Ety 4S's. What amp will make me see the light? I'm eventually gonna get some RS-1s or 880s, as well. So I need a jack of all trades of sorts. Price is...