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  1. goldrogers

    KSC75 -- Wow.

    Quote: Originally Posted by EFN Yep insanity hahahaha. If you are keen, get yourself a Solder Gun first, some simple toolkits like Jackknife or Cutter (MUST!), Solder Wires (go silver if you can afford them), Small Sized screwdrivers (for prying things up). Onec you have the tools, go...
  2. goldrogers

    KOSS A250 from KOSS eBay thread

    Guess they've sold out, huh? I got to this thread many months too late!
  3. goldrogers

    KSC75 -- Wow.

    So far I'm liking the sparkly treble on these... I've been using my Koss SportaPro's mostly, which have better (or more overpowering should I say?) bass, but not as much detail at the high end of the range. I've been using the SportaPro's for about 4 years now and they sound much better than...
  4. goldrogers

    Official K-81 DJ thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by devwild The loudest part of my commutes is actually the light-rail in a ten minute run through a tunnel (basically a light-rail train not designed for subway use doing the subway thing, so rather wind noisy). Actually sounds very similar to the loudest...
  5. goldrogers

    Official K-81 DJ thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn if the NYC Subway system qualifies, the answer is yes. I doubt the system here is as loud as the MTA, so I guess the AKG's will do their job superbly! Thanks for the info.
  6. goldrogers

    Official K-81 DJ thread

    How's the isolation on these? Good enough to wear while on a train or light-rail/metro type system?
  7. goldrogers

    Best cheap earbuds?

    Quote: Originally Posted by funkadelic Assuming you are listineing to an MP3 player Then you won't need and amp for buds/in-ears. I think the Creative EP-630 is exactly what you are looking for and well within your budget. Simon How are the Creative EP-630s? I haven't seen...
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