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  1. adam_eu

    dac/amp for D2000?

    Hi, what would be best dac/amp combo for D2000 in <300$ price range? I want something handy, not too large (e.g. compass is too big) which could be easly moved to another place at home with my laptop. It can be portable (ibasso) but it must have enough power.
  2. adam_eu

    e-mu 1212m VS Asus Xonar STX (DAC only)

    Hi, which one is a better source? It will be paired with Heed Canamp and K701. *If someone think that stand alone DAC in this price range would be better solution, let me know which one.
  3. adam_eu

    stand alone DAC vs. STX's DAC

    Hi, I was ready to buy STX as a DAC last but I've heard a lot opinions that stand alone dac would be better source. HP amp in STX is not my point because I'm going to use external amp with my k701. STX in my country is 250$ (local pickup) so is there a better stand alone DAC in this price...
  4. adam_eu

    STX as a source?

    Hi, i was wondering if Asus STX will deliver SQ good enough to match with decent SS amp and K701? What do You think? regards adam