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  1. MatchFire

    Rio Chiba

    My friend has an old broken rio chiba laying around. anyone have any idea if this thing is worth tinkering around with and trying to fix? specs: 128 MB Rio Chiba MP3 Player specs and MP3 player specifications - CNET Reviews
  2. MatchFire

    "The white inner-ear earphones for iPods...

    ...are all solely manufactured by Fostex." Fostex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia orly? wikipedia madness or truth?
  3. MatchFire

    Fostex T50RP out of iAudio7

    Topic: can I do this? T50RP specs are impedence of 50ohms and sensitivity 98db/mw; in a dynamic that'd be no problem but I really don't know the first thing about orthos and based on my limited reading up they seem like a whole different beast. I haven't seen a single mention of someone using...