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    DX1000 vs. W5000

    Hi all, I'm looking for a comparison of these two headphones for a purchase. I have read up all about W5000 but cannot find anything compared to DX1000. I really enjoyed W10vtg when I borrowed it, but I'm really on the fence comparing these two different sound signatures. If someone could help...
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    audio-technica ATH-A2000X

    Any more impressions from anyone, esp. versus the w5000? Why is the w5000 costing $300 more from audiocubes
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    320kbps MP3 sounds ok, CD sounds harsh

    when you encode to mp3, the encoder essentially strips out everything around 20k (which is called the 'air' region, the extreme treble region). Many modern masterings tend to go overkill adding 'air' frequencies and can make a recording sound less natural and glassy.
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    The Pillbugs- great modern all analog psych band!

    here's a good full length vid on youtube, songs called "Walking Along An Edge Of Sky" sounds kinda revolver-esque. its pretty neat
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    The Pillbugs- great modern all analog psych band!

    Hey guys, I thought I would share this fantastic "undiscovered" band with you guys. the pillbugs are a mix of psychedelia and pop, can be compared to badfinger or xtc. I bought their latest cd, Buzz For Aldrin. I'm not 'endorsing' the band commercially or anything, this is just a fantastic...
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    Poem/Song composed in Calculus

    Well he IS Jesus you know
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    How Do YOU like/cook Your Ramen!

    I usually add extra vegetables, chicken/beef, or egg to my ramen. yummy!
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    The Ultimate Bear

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    Quick camera lens question, what do the numbers on the lens mean?

    Jason is correct. 3,5-4,3/6,33-19,0 --- means that there are two minimum aperture ranges at the different focal lengths (as you zoom out) 7.1-21.3mm is simply the lens focal length, you would times those numbers by the multiplier effect of your sensor (i dont not know what it is of that...
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    Happy Birthday jjcha!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!!! My present to you will be the sensual photo shoot of your cans (if they ever get here lol)
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    laptoppers: options to eliminate glare?

    I agree. Matte is the way to go. I had an old toshiba laptop with a matte screen but when it was time to upgrade i decided to try a glossy and lemme say, its not worth the extra vibrance and contrast if the glare ruins your eyes!
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    The Ultimate Who Thread!

    Here a few wicked videos on youtube... My Generation - Monterey Pop Festival - 1967 Won't Get Fooled Again - 1978 (for Kids Are Alright movie) 5:15 - 1973
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    I ask a favour from someone across the pond!

    thanks anyway guys , i found a place that ships it to canada after much looking.
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    I ask a favour from someone across the pond!

    Hi guys. Well I've been looking for a computer motherboard that has PCI-E graphics and uses socket 478 ... i had no luck until i came across the Asus P4GPL-X. Only problem is, i cannot for the life of me find a place that will ship this thing to Canada. I've only been able to find two places...
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    HeadFi Clan - BF2, COD2, CS:Source

    I'm in! BF2 or CS:S!!
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    I am utterly appalled by the greed of the corporate bigwigs...

    Quote: Originally Posted by MartinJ It is clear though that this topic stirs people's emotions Indeed it does.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood I haven't touched CS:Source since Battlefield 2. -Ed Amen Edwood!
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    What's your favorite Beer?

    Rickard's Honey Brown
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    Recommendations for meeting recording device?

    Hi jpelg, For phone recording you have a couple options. You can buy an in-line recording device in which one end connects to your phone line and the other end to your sound card. This enables you to record with any program you want. You can find it here. Another option is using an...
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    The post your picture thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by immtbiker Your other hobby is holding big fish in front of cameras? I guess that could catch on . I am almost too jealous to ask...but where is paradise (coming from a space-challenged New Yawkah)? Just curious, are those Dorado?
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    What's your favourite aftershave?

    Quote: Originally Posted by HiWire Aqua Velva Sport - it's cheap. Amen to that!
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    Happy Birthday null!

    Thanks guys!
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    Happy Birthday null!

    Thanks! I had you going with my meticulous attention to detail when describing silly inane things!
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    Happy B-day to nismo96!

    Happy birthday nismo96! Thanks for being part of and contributing to #headphone-hifi We love having you around. *cough* *cough*
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    Happy Birthday Tyson

    Happy birthday Tyson! *cough* *cough*