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  1. sclemmons

    iPhone 6s Sound Quality

    Big help.  Order in.  Thanks.  sc
  2. sclemmons

    Devilsound DAC?

    I just saw a review at positive-feedback and I am also interested to know. This looks like an interesting portable solution for computer as source. I would be curious how it compares to hi end, say Cardas or equivalent, mini-to-rca. Surely it is a huge step up. I also wonder how you might use it...
  3. sclemmons

    Ray Samuels SR 71 - Does every headphone sound better with it.

    I had a thread asking what amp sounds best with an AKG 271, my new purchase from Todd. I do not know much about amps, but I am very pleased with the sound of my SR 71 on the AKG as well as the ER4S, as well as the Grado. Bass enough. Great highs and mids. These headphones are all different, but...
  4. sclemmons

    Amp for AKG 271s

    I did not want to step on Mr. Dillon's thread on the 240, but I had the same question. AKG271s under the tree for my 15 year old know it all. Harder than the 240 to drive. I have a RS SR71 which I am not ready to give away to my boy genius to scratch up or lose. What is a decent low cost amp for...
  5. sclemmons

    Suggestions for buying a Laptop

    I have Dell at the office and 4 macs at home. I need a help desk at the office, and at home I do it myself with AppleCare. If you want an Apple laptop, go with an iBook, unless you want a Powerbook for the look. iBook is cooler temperature, better battery life, better antenna for wireless...
  6. sclemmons

    Bithead vs. Total Bithead

    Wrong forum, big guy. This is the hard core is this section. I have no idea what they are talking about myself, but it ain't headphone amplifiers.
  7. sclemmons

    XM Online is giving me the BLUES

    I have been using XM online for a couple of weeks. Works great at the office on my new PC. Works on my Apple PB12 too, but only on Safari, not on Internet Explorer. And then only if I do not change the channel more than a couple of times. If I find a station I like and leave it there, it rocks...
  8. sclemmons


    I have scratched a few CD's before and take them to a store locally that resells video games. They have a polishing machine that will refurbish CD's to "like new" condition for a couple of bucks. Thanks for the toothpaste tip. I have also tried Mapleshade Micro-smooth, but it is too subtle...
  9. sclemmons

    Airport Express: Best $100 source?

    From today's (free for the asking) Stereophile Newsletter by John Atkinson: "Of much more significance ... to the high-end audio industry is Apple's Airport Express. Wes Phillips cryptically referred to this inexpensive WiFi hub in his "As We See It" essay in the forthcoming April issue of...
  10. sclemmons

    Airfoil (aka SlipStream) released for iTunes/Airport Express

    OK. Good news. But how much of a project is it? I am working on it this weekend. Will I have time to watch basketball too? Do my taxes as well? How much brain damage?
  11. sclemmons

    Airport Express: Best $100 source?

    At my house, with iTunes, AAC 320, played over my big rig, Airport Express is vastly inferior to my Naim cd player and my Verdier. But it sounds so good that nobody cares. The high end grass is greener for sure, vinyl better yet, but the Airport Express is almost free and if you don't have a big...
  12. sclemmons

    Internet Radio Quality

    I like internet radio on iTunes to Airtunes to hi-fi as well as I like XM to Airtunes to hi-fi. Thanks for the link to Minnesota Public Radio. Sounds Great.
  13. sclemmons

    New iPod Shuffle

    Remember that book by Father Guido Sarducci from 20 (+?) years ago? :- The President is Smarter than You Think. I don't even remember the president, it has been so long. At the risk of sounding like I belong in the Steve Jobs butt kiss thread, I think the same thing about Apple. It is easy...
  14. sclemmons

    A "Dynamic" DAC? (and comparisons using Bel Canto DAC 1)

    Are you sure this is a Bel Canto DAC1 and not a DAC2? The DAC1 has a polarity switch on the back. Did you switch the polarity and could you hear the difference? I had a DAC1 and was crazy about it. Loved the polarity switch. Actually sent it back to Bel Canto in Minneapolis and had it...
  15. sclemmons

    What happened to Norm?!

    That's what I was thinking: Raise prices. Problem is, it might increase demand. This is hi-end audio after all. What a high class problem!
  16. sclemmons

    New RS-1 need better amp

    Why not ask Todd? He has always shot straight with me. He sells amps and sources too, last I checked.
  17. sclemmons

    New iPod Shuffle

    I bought these little Sandisks as stocking stuffers from for Christmas. Close out from $49.95. Lots of people did. It is a New Year now, but the iPod Shuffle at $99 or $149 looks like a decent uptick from that. Not the low cost solution, but nobody uses SanDisk to play music, look...
  18. sclemmons

    iHome - Might be a good dedicated source?

    "Well, I kinda avoided Macs from '86-'01, until I got excited about them again... with the introduction of OS X, , but check some of Unsanity's 'haxies' included FruitMenu, MenuMaster and WindowShade X. And there's always (my favorite utility) LaunchBar. Just don't use those heavy graphics...
  19. sclemmons

    iHome - Might be a good dedicated source? Mini. Accessories. "Buy this mac. Plug it into your set-up. Buy this switch. See where you spend your time. Which one does your girl friend...
  20. sclemmons

    iHome - Might be a good dedicated source?

    The "Headless" mac. Not sure what to expect, whether it is quiet, cheap or big enough capacity. But at $599 or whatever they are talking about at retail, I bet somebody will turn this into a dedicated audio server pretty quick.
  21. sclemmons

    Grado SR60s shorted out

    This happened to our Grado's, too. Wear and tear. Grado will fix it free if they are under warranty.
  22. sclemmons

    Cardas for Sennheiser

    Hard to beat as a sponsor of this site. All around good guy. Trustworthy. If you don't show up in the official butt kiss thread after dealing with him, I will be very surprised. Talk to him and you will find he is positioned to be as competitive as anybody on the planet. But you might just...
  23. sclemmons

    Delicious Library for Mac

    Organize your cd's, dvd's, headphone collection, etc. For mac only. Check this out. It is a $40 library program which allows you to use an i sight camera to scan the bar code into your computer and it brings up the art and other information. Could enrich headphone listening on your computer if I...
  24. sclemmons

    Just Ordered My Polk Reference XM Tuner!

    After a week with a rental this summer, I think I prefer Sirius for programming. I think the XM equipment is superior and have lusted after the Polk, but the Sirius programming seems better. Does anybody have both? What do you think?
  25. sclemmons

    Which iPod protectors (skin, shell) does the Sendstation Pocketdock work with?

    I have the Evo. Very nice. Works well with the SIK. SIK locks to the dock plug; pocket dock does not. I thought it was Syzygy. When the planets line up, right? Don't get me wrong; spell it your way.