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  1. Luke

    The Fiio X5 Thread

    Yes, I'll try that.   Thanks!
  2. Luke

    The Fiio X5 Thread

      I just received my player a few days ago.  I upgraded to 2.0 as soon as it came out of the box.  My gapless since I've tested it has a distinct gap.  Could it be it doesn't work well with MP3s?  Could it be I need to be patient and not fast-forward to the end of the song before I test the...
  3. Luke

    DAP with the best SQ?

    Yep - all my jacks have eventually worked loose and the sound then comes intermittently.  You just have to be willing to open it up and re-secure the loose jack assembly part.    Meanwhile, my new X5 should be here in a day or two...
  4. Luke

    DAP with the best SQ?

    Well - I'm not trying to start a new thread unnecessarily.  So I'll post in this one.    My wonderful Creative Labs Jukebox 3 is having seizures.  It boots only intermittently now, and the intermittent is becoming less and less reliable as the weeks go by.  It's been twelve years, so I can't...
  5. Luke

    DIY: Build your own ETYMOTIC ER-4S!

    Very nice. Good reference for general repair too! THANKS
  6. Luke

    Have SR225's, but Need to Switch to Closed/In-Ear Phones...

    Check my sig. ER-4s are a very nice compliment to the 225s.
  7. Luke

    Who drives with headphones?

    For long trips, I drive with my ER-4's with triple flanges for at least half the trip. Been doing it for years. Yes, the outside sounds are almost completely isolated, but you can "feel" the sounds of your engine, transmission and tires through the vibration of the steering wheel. However, if...
  8. Luke

    Best unamped IEM for under $200?

    Quote: Originally Posted by bellsprout er-4p Seconded.
  9. Luke

    ER4-P to 'S' cable adapter

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jon L If it's more bass you want, then P to S adapter is the LAST thing you want. It'll actually decrease upper/mid bass quantity and shift more energy to the mid to high treble area. What you need is tastefully done bass boost. Nothing crazy, but similar...
  10. Luke

    I Am Looking For Detailed Accurate Sound...Should I Get The Etymotic’s ER-4P?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ldj325 My pair was the black ones with the twisted wire. NO WAY the microphonics have been eliminated. I can't say what they used to be like, but the microphonics are still there. I've got nothing against the 4P so I hope that this isn't taken as bashing...
  11. Luke

    Just bought some new headphones for... $15! Wanna know how they sound?

    Well, I'll just have to throw my 580s away and buy these...
  12. Luke

    has anybody ever dreamed about headphones?

    I frequently wake up and I'm aware that music was playing in my head. It wasn't a dream, per se, it was just music in my head.
  13. Luke

    UPS Sucks

    I ordered some sweet NFL tickets on stubhub about two months ago. Shipping was by FedEx, with tracking. Tracking shows the tickets were picked up by the driver. Then, ..... They vanished.
  14. Luke

    Wire cracking near earpiece, common among IEMs in general or just a Shure E2C thing?

    It's an eX(c) thing. Me e3c's cracked similarly. I repaired the insulation crack with electrical tape. A better repair would have been liquid electrical tape described here:** My electrical tape repair helped for a while, but then it...
  15. Luke

    New Ety's

    Quote: Originally Posted by Emon Yeah. It's a very well-made cable, but not $65 worth of well-made. When you figure it changes your $165 ER4p into a $215 ER4s, it's not so bad. Besides, where else are you going to get one?
  16. Luke

    lower Mp3 bit rate

    The SQ is going to take a major hit if you go below 128. You probably know that already, right?
  17. Luke

    Crossfeed is so amazing

    Quote: Originally Posted by warpdriver Try listening to 60's recordings like Beatles. You'll find it useful, guaranteed. Yes. I was just going to say that. The Beatles use extreme left or fight channels so often, you HAVE to have a cross feed amp. I generally switch my cross...
  18. Luke

    Etymotic ER4P With Amp?

    Since money is an issue, I think I'd do just what you are considering. First get the 4P. Then, later, get the Hornet and p/s cable as your budget allows.
  19. Luke

    How much money have you spent on headphones in total?

    We're including headphone amps, right? Prolly around $1,100.
  20. Luke

    Best ear sleeves for use on the E4C.

    The triple flange is my fave at past moments, at this moment, and probably at all future moments...
  21. Luke

    need some small dap suggestions

    I've been using the Creative Muvo 2 for, what, two years? Three? Since they came out. Small, 4 GB, removable Li-Ion. Sound great.
  22. Luke

    Nomad/Archos Jukebox...Max HDD size?

    I'd go with the JB3 and find an infra red remote to go with it. Mine has over 5,000 tracks on it.
  23. Luke

    Ideas on the problem with my Ety ER-4S?

    This same thing happened to my E1c's I sent them in to Shure to be repaired or replaced. They ended up being replaced (with E3c's). Two other times it happened with my E3c's because rain water got inside one of the phones. I dried it out by sticking it in the oven on a cookies sheet at 125...
  24. Luke

    The Perfect DAP

    ...does not exist. And that amazes me. How can that be? With all the technological advances, nobody wants to make the perfect player. Besides the usual amenities, show me one player: that will play lossless files that has infra-red remote capability Answer: None I could make...