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  1. balou

    Need help for iPod to Tank throat microphone input converter

    Umm, yeah. A friend of mine is in the army right now (swiss army, so no fighting, just sitting around and following stupid instructions). And he asked me if I could build him an adapter to attach his iPod via the throat microphone input to the tanks audio system. So, there's a few problems...
  2. balou

    Idea: active headphone protecting circuit

    After hearing horror stories about fried headphones (fried expensive headphones), and not wanting to include DC blocking caps on my sources/amps, I thought about possible remedies... and one would be an active headphone protecting circuit, which disconnects the headphone if it measures high...
  3. balou

    Low power indicator with a green/red LED - will this work?

    Hi, I always thought that just shutting off the LED completely at a certain voltage is a suboptimal solution, you may not know if the amp is still running by having a quick glance at it, leading to possible deep discharge of the rechargables. So, I came up with this circuit: The green...
  4. balou

    Why an opamp in a buffered ground chan?

    Hi, what are the advantages of having an opamp in the ground channel when there's already a buffer there? I've heard that the opamp can help reduce the DC offset and lower the output impedance, but I have no idea how exactly that should work. Could anybody explain this to me?
  5. balou

    NE5534: How much compensation for unity gain stability?/dc offset nulling q's

    Hi, I want to use a SE5534A (or NE5534A if the SE edition is not available) in a new amp design. The ground channel needs to be unity gain, and without compensation the 5534 series is only stable at gains 3 and higher. The AD744 also got a compensation pin, and isn't unity gain stable too...
  6. balou

    Rihanna - Umbrella - sound quality???

    this is the first song I downloaded in quite a while - it's somewhat catchy, and why not download some pop music now and then. but the sound quality.. the distortion is just mad... this really is quite unbelievable. not audiophile bad (I hear the general distortion in my cheap...
  7. balou

    Motorola S805 or other full-sized bluetooth headphones?

    Hi, my brothers wants to buy some halfway decent bluetooth headphones, and he's interested in the Motorola S805. Has anybody heard it? Or has anybody another suggestion? Oh, and a normal 'phone plus bluetooth adapter is most likely not an option for him - also because this headphone doubles as...
  8. balou

    DIY film caps?

    I was looking at some boutique parts website, and yeah, boutique parts are bad for your wallet. so - why not build your own cap? all you need is - nonconductive material - conductive material so, aluminium foil and cling wrap would theoretically be sufficient to diy your cap. but we're...
  9. balou

    most important moment of my life is in exactly 3 hours...

    Well, I just have to write something to prevent getting insane. In 3 hours, I will know if I passed the final exams in my school which I need to go university. Or if I can't attend university and have to look for something else. This is crazy. So much significance, packed in a single...
  10. balou

    how does the PPA power rail isolation work?

    Hi, I have troubles understanding how the power rail isolation of the PPA exactly works. It's a JFET on each rail, which will limit the max current draw of each channel. Will it limit current spikes? But I thought that current flowing is given by U = R * I, R being fixed, and U being the...
  11. balou

    vintage PCDP vs iPod

    Listen for two weeks to a good vintage pcdp like the sony d-33 (good like in "good enough for me" ). then switch back to an ipod+cmoy because the d-33 eats batteries like mad and it does NOT accept rechargeables (voltage to low). Ouch. Where has my sound gone? Why is there so much hiss...
  12. balou

    Building a cmoy around AD8397

    Hi, I want to build to a cmoy using an AD8397 (because of it's high output current). I've heard that it's not just a drop-in replacement. but what does it exactly need to function stable? Some specs I already have in mind: 1 or 2 9V batteries, tle2426 railsplitter, and if possible no caps in...
  13. balou

    DIY SO8 to DIP adapter - how?

    Hi, I figured out that I ordered way to few brown dog adapters, and I don't want to order any new ones because 1. at first you think that 3$ isn't much, but it's summing up if you need a few 2. shipping costs... 3. shipping time (from us to europe) So, I thought about DIYing some...
  14. balou

    Burr-Brown PCM56P replacement/other mods for Denon DCD-1400?

    Hi, I'm trying to find some mod ideas for my Denon DCD-1400. For now, I'm trying to go the iMod way - just grab the signal directly at the DAC chip and go on from there. Because well... this CDP has some strange stuff in its signal path. It has two NE5532 (a dual opamp), one for every...
  15. balou

    Impedance adapters - what for?

    Hi, I wonder what impedance adapters are good for? I heard about the etymotic er4, of which one version just seems to have a 75 ohm resistor inline and there are also some amps which have a switch to add some resistance. So, could anybody explain to me what this is good for?