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  1. Jeff Guidry

    Absolute best budget earbuds?

    Right now Best Buy's in my area have the Klipsch R6i II's on clearance for $28.99. They are definitely a great purchase at that price.
  2. Jeff Guidry

    Klipsch - Reference R6i II Wired In-Ear Headphones on clearance at Best Buy

    I saw online that Best Buy had the Klipsch R6i II IEM's available and I wanted to check them out. At my local Best Buy all available pairs were in the clearance section for $28.99, so of course I bought a pair. If you're looking for a good sounding set of earbuds these are a steal if they are...
  3. Jeff Guidry

    Anyone interested in the subgenre of Shoegaze?

    Curve is another band that ought to be mentioned here.     On the user shockofDAYLIGHT is the resident shoegaze expert, and he published this list of his choice of 50+ best shoegaze/dream pop albums, plus also-rans and EP's.  ...
  4. Jeff Guidry

    How to clean Headphones Velours

    My only concern about washing my Beyerdynamic velour pads is possible shrinking that might make them harder to fit back on to the cans after drying.  Even a hand washing and air drying can cause uneven shrinking, especially with a piece that was never intended to be washed (like those velour pads).
  5. Jeff Guidry

    The future of music media.

    I'm buying as many CD's as I can since I see nothing wrong at all with the format.  You can often find specials on brand new CD's really cheap, FAR cheaper than their vinyl counterparts, and IMO from the standpoint of absolute sonics CD is actually a better bet.
  6. Jeff Guidry

    Beyerdynamic DT-770's dark and bass-y?

    The 770-80's aren't treble veiled, in fact with the right source material they can sound bright. It's just that their overall bass heavy signature it can tend to soften your perception of the top end.
  7. Jeff Guidry

    Owl City - sounds alot like the postal service

    Man you guys are crazy Fireflies is an awesome single. 
  8. Jeff Guidry

    Metals Big 3

    Quote: Ahem.  Master of Reality and Paranoid were not released in the 80's.
  9. Jeff Guidry

    Summer 2010 Tool Tour

    Meh...I really hated the recent album 10,000 Days, and I actually walked out a little past halfway through the one show I went to on that tour.  Mind you, I have been a Tool fan since I saw them open for Rollins Band on their first national tour in 1992.  I saw the Lateralus tour 5 times...
  10. Jeff Guidry

    A Journey Into The Strange, Abstract And Dark Realm Of Music

    silentwatcher on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Mick Harris and Bill Laswell's Somnific Flux The allmusic guide entry on Mick Harris' Lull project :zoviet*france: is an experimental music artist, not necessarily "dark" as such, but might be worth your...
  11. Jeff Guidry

    Phish 3D concert movie!

    No one else on this site is interested in this?
  12. Jeff Guidry

    Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL

    I am in nearby Biloxi and I would like to go to something like this, but I think weekend ticket prices like those and for other such multi-day festivals are silly.
  13. Jeff Guidry

    Greenest desires

    Quote: Originally Posted by Azathoth Cathedral - The Guessing Game Stoner doom vets Cathedral unleash their new album March 26th via Nuclear Blast. As always, the surreal/fantasy theme for the cover art is something you'd see while tripped out. I'm curious about this...
  14. Jeff Guidry

    Greenest desires

    Placed an order on the Southern Lord website to buy some CD's they had available on the big doom sale and I got Earthride - Taming of the Demons and Vampire Circus as well as Lair of the Minotaur - Carnage and The Ultimate Destroyer Listening to Earthride now, basically Maryland...
  15. Jeff Guidry

    Best "concept" albums of progressive rock/heavy metal

    Good lord did you guys see how ancient this thread is?
  16. Jeff Guidry

    How loud do you listen?

    x2 on tuoppi's suggestion, and in fact my Meier Cantate 2 DAC/amp combo's user manual suggests turning the level bar all the way up on your computer and using the volume knob on the amp to change volume for maximum fidelity. That said, I listen to my music pretty loud. Only rarely is it so...
  17. Jeff Guidry

    Greenest desires

    bought Altar on your recommendation...I like it better than Black One (which is not saying much) but I still don't think that the whole is worth much. I am getting away from purely experimental music anyway, and I generally only like this sort of barely structured drift jamming when it comes...
  18. Jeff Guidry

    Greenest desires

    My problem is with Black One, admittedly the only Sunn O))) recording I have heard. I also don't much like Boris because their noise is too harsh, i.e. too much high frequencies, and it is very tiring to listen to.
  19. Jeff Guidry

    Greenest desires

    Quote: Originally Posted by rehabitat ...and the final incarnation of Celtic Frost was arguably some of the finest doom/stoner metal of recent times: + YouTube Video ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed. Good...
  20. Jeff Guidry

    Greenest desires

    Quote: Originally Posted by rehabitat seminal: + YouTube Video ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed. Excellent stuff...they seem to take a few notes from black metal in the sort of underproduced sound.
  21. Jeff Guidry

    Rechargeable AAs?

    I would say that unless you are changing batteries for a device more frequently than once a month, use disposable alkalines. IMO rechargeable batteries are unnecessary for TV remotes.
  22. Jeff Guidry

    An Alternate Universe Where the Beatles Accepted Lorne Michaels' Offer

    Hm. Rather bland fan fiction imo. Still, must be fun to write rock bios the way you wish they would have come out.
  23. Jeff Guidry

    Which program do you use to rip your CD library?

    EyeTyoons. I really wish there was an option to rip twice, once in ALAC and once in lossy mp3, one for big hard drive for home listening and one for iPod for portable listening.