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  1. tenzip

    Why you shouldn't do Grado mods in a hurry

    Sorry you had trouble with it, glad you got it back together OK.   A hair dryer will get hotter than most people realize.  A heat gun is just a hair dryer with extra or beefier heating elements, and usually a lower speed fan.
  2. tenzip

    Fubar II USB DAC - Blown fuse, unable to determine correct fuse to use. Help?

    OK, I got an answer from   It is, as suspected, a slow-blow, 200mA, 250V fuse.  Just marked for OEM use, not standard.   Hopefully this will help anyone else who has the same difficulties.
  3. tenzip

    Is it safe to use open headphones next to a fan?

    Quote: Just use 2 fans, one on each side, for that fancy "stereo" fan effect!  
  4. tenzip

    October 3rd Custom Electronics Midwest Head-Fi meet!

    Wow, I've been away for much too long. Work has been a zoo, and home is of course a zoo, I have kids. I had to force myself to ignore the phone and e-mail and take the time to read the last 4-5 pages of posts to catch up on everything. I have in my hot little hands a TTVJ FET-A desktop amp...
  5. tenzip

    October 3rd Custom Electronics Midwest Head-Fi meet!

    Quote: Originally Posted by LingLing1337 By the way, I should have a Little Dot Micro Tube by meet time! Sweet. I'm resisting the urge to buy anything new, but my sales resistance is low.
  6. tenzip

    Do The Beats by Dr. Dre really have a built-in amp?

    I think they would be shocked at how much current you can draw from a 3.5mm jack. I'm guessing 1kA or so, briefly. It would be fun to test, it would make a nice little bang, with glowing chunks dribbling out afterward.
  7. tenzip

    October 3rd Custom Electronics Midwest Head-Fi meet!

    Aw, man. What meet, if you don't mind saying?
  8. tenzip

    can fish save your ears?

    My first thought was that perhaps Bosley might start doing transplants. But it is interesting.
  9. tenzip

    Should I Get Grado SR-1's ???

    This thread is 3 years old, I hope the OP already bought something.
  10. tenzip

    Do The Beats by Dr. Dre really have a built-in amp?

    I was under the impression that no batteries=no music from the Beats, so I'd have to say they do have an amp.
  11. tenzip

    Kansas City Area.... and Surrounding, Sept. 13th at Primus Audio

    Sweet. Count me in for the meet, and some elk summer sausage/crackers.
  12. tenzip

    Let the Drunks Drive Themselves Home, I Say ...

    Quote: Originally Posted by thisbenjamin You're ignoring my posts and jumping into the deep end for no reason. I never said that you couldn't discuss the problem, I said do it in a civil fashion - if the nuremberg trials could go down in a civil fashion - you can discuss someone getting...
  13. tenzip

    I've learned 3 important things today

    Quote: Originally Posted by acidbasement Glad to see you're still on this side of the grass. Keep it up! Yah, when they say the grass is always greener on the other side, they didn't mean the bottom!
  14. tenzip

    October 3rd Custom Electronics Midwest Head-Fi meet!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Aynjell Quote: Originally Posted by tenzip On another note, TTVJ has graciously offered to send us some amps, possibly other stuff for demo purposes, but we (collectively) will have to stand the cost of sending it back to him, I expect. Since I...
  15. tenzip

    October 3rd Custom Electronics Midwest Head-Fi meet!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Firam After an absence of over two years (I was happy with my setup) I ended up back here looking up a review for my friend about an RCA cable. I noticed that there was going to be an Omaha meet. Since I was here I started looking around at potential...
  16. tenzip

    October 3rd Custom Electronics Midwest Head-Fi meet!

    Quote: Originally Posted by LingLing1337 when I was in the conference room I approximated that there was room for probably 6 rigs and room for maybe 10 'phones (probably more but I'm trying to be conservative since I'm not for sure) on the 'spare table'. There'll probably be just enough...
  17. tenzip

    October 3rd Custom Electronics Midwest Head-Fi meet!

    Having never participated in one of these, either, I'm kind of in the same boat. Larry at CE said that he thought the meet would be the whole day when I talked to him. The store is open 10-5 on Saturdays. I intend to be there the whole time, minus breaks for smokes and lunch. Assuming an hour...
  18. tenzip

    Interesting a cappella group

    This is, IMO, a very good video of an a capella group doing Toto's "Africa". The "drummer" cracked me up. The beginning is quite interesting. Turn it up, it seemed on the quiet side to me, at least in the beginning. Linky And maybe this has been posted before.
  19. tenzip

    Simple, reversible mod for GS-1000

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sakhai What tha hell's all that black crap on your drivers? Perhaps if you read the post you quoted . . .
  20. tenzip


    Start an interest check thread in the meets forum, then do an advanced search through the member list for people living in location MD and Maryland, and send out PMs to attract attention. Start thinking about places to have your meet.
  21. tenzip

    Lifeguard Takes Use of Headphones Too Far

    IIRC, the article said something upwards of $13/hr, but I could be wrong.
  22. tenzip

    Newbie seeking to become an audiophile

    Quote: Originally Posted by triode12 I am basing it on my own experience. If you cared to ready through the entire thread, you'd see that I said that I had excluded binaural recordings from the argument. How many binaural recordings of mainstream/popular/commercial music can you...
  23. tenzip

    how long can a headphone be run?

    Quote: Originally Posted by salannelson Quote: Originally Posted by Gamerphile Generally: the more you know - and the more people you meet that know something for sure - the less you realise that you really know. ^^ This at least is a well documented fenomenon I'm...
  24. tenzip

    Cat chewed through left wire on m-audio Q40s...

    Electrical tape will certainly protect it from the elements, but if you actually have strands of copper sticking out, I would cut them off if they are actually broken, to avoid any possibility of shorting across the driver. If there's enough slack you could cut all the way through, put a...