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  1. hendern88

    Zhaolu 2.5 what CD player is this equivelent to ?

    Hi there I have a Technics SL-PS900 and want to improve sound quality. After long investigation I'm about to plump for a Zhaolu 2.5 ( poss a 7.2 ). However just before this a previous thread re sub $400 DAC or CD units sparked the obvious question "What level of dedicated CD player...
  2. hendern88

    Best for headphones - Zhaolu+discete amp OR Citypulse 7.2

    The Citypulse seems to haver a lot of good comments but I was wondering between the two as I will be using mainly headphones ( Grad125s ) over speakers. Is there any clear difference in sound quality between a Zhaolu armed with the discete headphone amp section and a standard Citypulse 7.2...
  3. hendern88

    Upgrade path - Shengya S10CS - Zhaolu/Litte Dot

    Hi there, I'll try to keep this as simple as poss. I currently have a Technics SL-PS900 through a Yaqin MC10L tube amp and Celestion Impact 40s...and a pair of Sennheiser RS120s . With kids on the way my listening is now going to be headphone biased for some time to I'm...
  4. hendern88

    Is my Zhaolu DAC 2.0 dead ??

    I've just received one of these from Hong Kong ( sorry ). It works when I connect to the phone-in sockets but all I get is loads of static and a faint sound of music when connecting via a digital coaxial or toslink. I'm using various DVDs at the moment as transports and using PCM and...