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  1. hendern88

    Best Cans for Zhaolu+discrete amp for under $200

    Hi there Looking for some recomendations for a good all round can to go with a Zhaolu 2.5 with the discrete headphone amp. I listen to mainly rock but some country as well. I have Senn RS120s at the moment..will I get a noticeable improvement in sound quality going for the more...
  2. hendern88

    Would this tube-amp be any good for Grado125s ?

    Hi there Seen these on ebay..would they be any good with Grado 125s many thanks Neil
  3. hendern88

    Ebay Tube Amps

    Just reading reviews saying the 6P1 version sounded better than their Little Dot ll and another saying it outperformed other small amps through the headphone jack and was thinking is this 6P14 as good as the 6P1 through the hphone jack...
  4. hendern88

    Ebay Tube Amps

    Hi again Duggeh and thanks for prompt reply before, is the quality of the headphone out good...I'm looking to get tube sound/quality out of a headphone socket and was thinking this amp fits the bill ? cheers Neil
  5. hendern88

    Ebay Tube Amps

    Hi Duggeh, I've been looking at these for a week or so now for driving my Grado125s and have been puzzled as I cannot see any headphone jack on the ebay pictures. Can you confirm if there is one and where it is ? many thanks Neil.
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