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  1. Zuerst

    New medical residents... how was your first day/week?

    I think the vast majority of residents/interns are starting soon or already started recently... just curious how your first day/week went. :D
  2. Zuerst

    Anyone wants to get scammed?

    Here you go:
  3. Zuerst

    Arguing goat...
  4. Zuerst

    Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

    Per boomana's suggestion, maybe post why the purchase is significant and/or why you decided go with that/those item(s). The keyboard and stand for said keyboard ...all for stress relieve So I played and competed in numerous piano solo competitions as a kid. Stopped playing in...
  5. Zuerst

    this horizontal user info bar needs to go...

    taking way to much real estate...
  6. Zuerst

    Glasses and earpads???

    For people that wear glasses (especially thicker/wider temple arms), do you wear full sized headphone (with pleather or leather pads) with your glasses on? And do the earpads get deformed or imprinted by the temple arms? I usually wear contacts and don't worry about this. But now I wear my...
  7. Zuerst

    Denon D7000 in stock @ J&R

    So if you're looking for it, here it is: Denon AHD-7000 Ultra Reference Over-Ear Headphones in Corded Headphones at EDIT: also there is a 7% cashback for J&R EDIT 2: I guess head-fi wiped the stock out... within 2 hr after this thread was posted EDIT 3: well, they're...
  8. Zuerst

    Just my luck with new Audio Technica headphones...

    I don't know what it is with me and new audio technica headphones but... when I first ordered a new W5000, it came with a big nick and couple more small nicks on one earcup... so I spend an additional $100 for shipping to and from japan to get an exchange new pair... which still had a very...
  9. Zuerst

    L3000 on eBay

    for $3500 buy it now... so if you're looking for a pair for an extreme premium, knock yourself out.
  10. Zuerst eBay cashback @ 30% again

    Maybe just for black Friday... maybe more... who knows Too bad I already bought a bunch @ 25% last week...
  11. Zuerst

    Anyone know how to set Belkin F5D7230 router as a repeater?

    I have a Linksys WRT54GS as the main router, does anyone know how to configure the Linksys as the main router and the Belkin router as a repeater? The Linksys WRT54GS is ver. 5 with the lastest firmware. Thanks,
  12. Zuerst

    Anyone here rasterbate???

    post 'em just recently finished my first one
  13. Zuerst

    How many t-shirts do you have???

    Curious because I have about 70!!! About 1/3 of them are freebies from career fairs, volunteer events... etc though... still some are gifts... so I guess only about half were purchased. i only got 3 collared shirts for comparison
  14. Zuerst

    i can't stop eating... ahhh!!!

    so i eat a lot. i eat even more when i study, and i pretty much have to study a little bit almost everyday. my eating habit was fine since i exercise a lot now my left foot hurts (maybe strained tendon, stress fracture... i don't know) so i'm forcing myself to take a break from exercising to...
  15. Zuerst

    Any Halo Headphone(s) in the Pipeline?

    R10/Qualia replacement? L3000 replacement? ???
  16. Zuerst

    Shure warranty repair turnaround time?

    Anyone know the estimated turnaround time from experince? I sent my E500 off for repairs 4 weeks ago and haven't received anything back yet.
  17. Zuerst

    What is this Head-Fi forums?

    And how did it just sprung up overnight?
  18. Zuerst

    Pictures from my road trip so far *Austin, TX to Niagara Falls and Back* UPDATED 7/31
  19. Zuerst

    Good headphone and/or general audio stores in Taipei, Taiwan?

    I'm going back to Taiwan tomorrow so I'm just wondering where are some good headphone and/or general audio stores to visit around Taipei. Thanks.
  20. Zuerst

    Two finals stand between me and freedom/graduation!!!

    And I can't study!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Zuerst

    Zana Deux internals shots?

    Are there any internal shots of the Zana Deux avaliable?
  22. Zuerst

    Subwoofer recommandations???

    Need a subwoofer recommendation for my pair of Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 speakers. Around the $500 + or - $250 range. Thanks.
  23. Zuerst

    Will using a general noninverting opamp topology for each channel work?

    So there are R, L, Ground for headphone plugs right? Can I just use a noninverting opamp topology for the R channel and another for the L channel and connect source ground to load ground and go with that? Or maybe I need to put a capacitor between the source and the positive terminal of...
  24. Zuerst

    Anyone built an amp based on TI's TPA6120A2 before?

    Specs here: Just wondering if there are any existing implementation methods or schematics out there that I can use for a quick DIY. Or maybe the TPA6130A2? Specs: Thanks.
  25. Zuerst

    Amplifier for IEM and maybe full-sized headphones...?

    I sold my dedicated amp because I'm going to go for the UE10 Pro and likely won't have a "higher end" full-sized phone. But it'll probably take a while before I actually get the UE10. So now I just realized that I can't really use my Stello DA100 DAC. Is there like a cheap ($300 and under)...