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  1. rhodan818

    Stock Monoprice 8323 3.5mm chord question.

    I dont know about sound quality, I am sure its better, but will never ever A/B, but the vmoda cables are wonderful + let you control your mobile device with a 1 or 3 button remote built in. I just got the audioequip replacement headband and its a real increase in comfort. I dont know why those...
  2. rhodan818

    Schiit Modi USB DAC

    wow amp/dac with no headphones. I am eagerly awaiting my modi to come in the mail this week 
  3. rhodan818

    Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Review - Avoid at all costs.

    I got a pair that came with a laptop I just bought. Its very fun clear and nonfatiguing. Its signature is alot like my Hd25i-II. It might replace my m80 at work because of comfort issues.   Bonus... Hesh 2 with vmoda cables are great :)
  4. rhodan818

    Philips Fidelio S1 and S2 - New IEMs with semi-closed back

    The S2 is what I think people mean they say musical. It is super easy to get lost in the layers of music. I really feel its the difference between open cans and closed cans, but in iem form. I really love the fit with the comply comfort tips. 
  5. rhodan818

    Closed back headphone for travel

    I wonder how the new Beats studio will compete with the Bose for this specific use case.
  6. rhodan818

    Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

    I am streaming iphone>lod>RCA>magni wih my q701, and for some reason eq setting flat is so much better than off. I think iTunes has preset eq on the file if you have eq off, which seems counterintuitive. I don't know if it's the volume decrease, but I've gone from overly bright to more much...
  7. rhodan818

    LG Quadbeat 2 Impressions Thread

    Its like why do lumias come with such good cameras? Answer: they need to give people a reason to buy instead of the apple / samsung phone. Htc has sound, Motorola has battery life, Nokia has camera and LG has... headset?
  8. rhodan818

    Philips Fidelio S1 and S2 - New IEMs with semi-closed back

    Had some discomfort with the stock tips. Tried the comply foam comfort tip, wow the base punches right up, Need to get familiar with it again.
  9. rhodan818

    Auditioned Sennheiser HD-26 PRO

    I just want an HD25 with automatic headband 
  10. rhodan818

    Philips Fidelio S1 and S2 - New IEMs with semi-closed back

    Comparing the Fidelio S2 vs LG Quadbeat, the S2 has a much greater sense of space and separation. Things that reverberate, like a bongo drum or deep, slow vocals resonate silky smooth.   I was surprised how capable the Quadbeat really is, its a wonderful value at $20. The difference between...
  11. rhodan818

    NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

    I've watched them in the store doing an order. There is no actual tracking, it is an automated timer :(
  12. rhodan818

    Closed back headphone for travel

    long answer :   My personal short answer: I have the h251-ii and its so very comfortable with the velour. I bought it specifically for 10+ hour overseas flights.    also I just got a...
  13. rhodan818

    Beats Audio Laptop.

    Make sure you disable the beats audio processing in the bottom right corner and it is ok. 
  14. rhodan818

    Good phones and usb dac/amp or rely on my HP beats audio and get better ones?

    I just got a new HP laptop. I couldn't believe how muddy the speakers sounded when I was loading iTunes. Checked the beats audio on the bottom and it comes out of the factory with the bass boosted to max.   It sounds fine when you turn that crap off, I just find it ridiculous that people...
  15. rhodan818

    V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Reviews

    Quote: use coupon code "head-fi" during check out. Im like a coin flip away from pulling the trigger on some m-80s with that coupon    
  16. rhodan818

    V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Reviews

    Quote: What are you listening to while playing basketball? Motivational coaching? lol 
  17. rhodan818

    Comfortable headphones at $50

    Creative Aurvana Live if they go back on sale (was $55 a few weeks ago)  JVC HA-RX 700 is suprisingly good for $35. Make sure you let them run for a day or two before you try them, its screeches for the first few hours > then sounds pretty good after a while. I think it must be gunk on the...
  18. rhodan818

    I feel petty, but this annoyed me ...

    Quote: Salespeople make me nervous. 
  19. rhodan818

    New Headphone Stand

    Quote:   sometimes I regret not getting the green Q701 ones for their funky look 
  20. rhodan818

    Need legit headphones. Got $150

    Quote: wow you are actually doing research. Im impressed. btw I think it has been mentioned before that you can probably buy an amazon gift card with your BB credit to try out some iems in the general marketplace rather than just BB
  21. rhodan818

    Question on which Headphones are better.

    Quote: Soundwise they sound like they are up my alley, but I'm afraid of comfort issues with the m-80. Hoping the m-100 will sort that out for me.    edit: reason is cuz i have a large head, Q701 barely fit lol 
  22. rhodan818

    Question on which Headphones are better.

    Quote: M-80, HD25, DT1350 all look really good and I think its a matter of which one fits your style the most (shallow i know) between the three.
  23. rhodan818

    Need Legit Headphones. Got $150

    Quote: I was surprised to find that "punchy" really accurately describes the bass on the HD25-1ii. Its like a tiny leprechaun boxing your drums, and I was surprised to find it quite enjoyable
  24. rhodan818

    Eyecandy =)

    Does that watch play music? 
  25. rhodan818

    Need legit headphones. Got $150

    Quote: Bass isn't really my thing, but just for technical knowledge - can IEMs out-produce bass heavy headphones like say the sony XB series? I would have thought they would run into physical limitations.