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  1. roach7

    Does the LG v35 have the same B&O tuning as the v30?

    anyone knows?
  2. roach7

    Naim Uniti Atom HE

    Seems like a nice all-in-one solution if you just want one device: If anyone has any experience with this I'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks!
  3. roach7

    How Chord M-Scaler works in layman's terms

    Can someone explain how upscaling a lossy digital signal makes the sound better? Wouldn't it just magnify the lossy signal? I don't understand how this works...
  4. roach7

    Can Chord Hugo 2 drive TOTL Headphones like Abyss 1266 or Hifiman Susvara?

    Thinking of getting the Chord Hugo 2 but wanted to see if it can drive TOTL headphones. Thx
  5. roach7

    Tips for large bore IEMs like Moondrop or iSINE

    I love the Azla tips but they don't seem to fit IEMs with larger bores... What are you using for these? Thx
  6. roach7

    Abyss AB-1266 TC vs HiFiman Susvara POLL

    Similar to my other thread comparing the Diana V2 & HE1000SE let me know your opinion on the TOTL to keep if you can keep only one. Thanks
  7. roach7

    IFI Zen Dac V2

    hi, anyone with the old v1 upgraded to v2? is there a discernable difference? thx
  8. roach7

    Dac-amp combo unit that can drive AB-1266 & Susvara?

    Due to space constraints I'd like to buy one unit that can nicely drive the Abyss AB-1266 & the Hifiman Susvara. What are some good options? Thx
  9. roach7

    Is there a way to move a post from one forum to another?

    I asked a question in the Headphones forum and did not get response and now I realized there's a forum for the high-end audio that might be more appropriate. Is there a way to move my post over or should I just repost? Thanks
  10. roach7

    Anyone tried out the new THX Onyx?

    Please post your comments if you've tried it out. Thanks
  11. roach7

    Schiit Wyrd - how to tell if it's working?

    Just bought a used unit but how do I tell it's really making any improvements to the USB signal? Thx
  12. roach7

    Do balanced cables really make a difference in sound quality under 2m?

    Wondering if I should be investing in some balanced cables... Thanks
  13. roach7

    UM Mest mesh filter replacement

    Hi, does anyone know if the filters are user replaceable?