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  1. ExplosiveDuck

    AD700 Pressure on my jaw

    I had a similar problem when I got mine, And I actually wear them lower now than I used to, try pulling them down a bit so the top of your ears just barely touch the top of the pad My Sennheiser HD-280's give me some serious aggrivation when I wear them for too long.. They're really tight on...
  2. ExplosiveDuck

    Headphones Broke'd!

    Yeah.. One of my relatives is an audiophile who does a lot of work on equipment and said they'd be really a pain to recable.. =( Don't feel like spending $85 for a new pair. I need to be more careful with this stuff Thanks a lot
  3. ExplosiveDuck

    Headphones Broke'd!

    Hey everyone - Haven't posted in ages, been pretty content with the lower-budget system I have working, picked up a StyleAudio Emerald DAC from Whiplash Audio and love it. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD-280's and they have recently broken! They were in a bag in the back of my car and kind...
  4. ExplosiveDuck

    It's time to go, share your music~ (Ie. YOUR music)

    Oh, and you said you liked Jazz, and Scofield is Jazz, so there you go. Other good Jazz (and Jazz-inspired / Funk / Jazz-like) bands: Garage A Trois Charlie Hunter Trio Charlie Hunter Quartet Dixie Dregs (AKA The Dregs) Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Stanton Moore
  5. ExplosiveDuck

    It's time to go, share your music~ (Ie. YOUR music)

    John Scofield's Albums: Still Warm, What We Do, Solar, Uberjam, Electric Outlet It's amazing stuff. There's a billion more songs and artists that I'm into, but this is what's currently flowing through my headphones, so that's what I'm listing.
  6. ExplosiveDuck

    Quick Review of ATH-AD700's

    AD700's: ==(---)== K701's: (-------) ..That's my picture.. The ='s are like, a horizontal extension of the sound stage that isn't as deep, kind of lemon shaped really. So for the sound stage, picture a Lemon vs. an Orange
  7. ExplosiveDuck

    Quick Review of ATH-AD700's

    My source is assorted music from an iPod Touch, lossless encoder. My amp is a Starving Student MiniMillett from Whiplash Audio (-Awesome- Amp, especially for the price!) I'm going to put on some Radiohead now, see how that sounds with them. As far as the depth, hmm.. Well, I don't...
  8. ExplosiveDuck

    Quick Review of ATH-AD700's

    First thing I'm going to say about these things is that they're most definitely pink! I love it though, it's got a little style, a little sass. Next thing I'm going to say is that off the bat, as soon as I listened to them, they sounded a heck of a lot muddier than the AKG-K701's I had been...
  9. ExplosiveDuck

    A comparison between AD700 / AD900 / AD1000 / AD2000

    Great post. My favorite part was the picture really, haha. I didn't like the way the AD700's looked when I ordered them, but I figured I'd deal with it, but now they look pretty sweet. They're huge! I'll post back when my AD700's come[back]. (I ordered from Electronics Expo.. yeah..)
  10. ExplosiveDuck

    Very brief impressions of all the headphones you've heard

    Great Thread! This is so helpful and fun to read! I haven't listened to as many headphones as you all have, and I don't have quite trained ears yet, but I have listened to some pricier ones! Sennheiser HD-280's = Good isolation, no need for amp, very small soundstage and sounds a little...
  11. ExplosiveDuck

    192 kbs and 320 kbs, is there really a difference?

    Well, Ham Sandwich, if you can hear a difference in one part of a song, then you can hear a difference in the song. If you can hear preecho on a cymbal crash, then you're listening to two "different" sounds from the same song. What happens when you take a classical track that has 40 cymbal...
  12. ExplosiveDuck

    iPod 5G vs. iPod Tough 1G

    Are these two iPods going to deliver the same sound if I use the same cable out of both? The issue is lossless music taking up tons of space and my iPod Touch = 16GB, vs. 60GB on the 5G. Thanks!
  13. ExplosiveDuck

    And they say that crack is addictive

    I am trying to resist this too. I just bought a headphone amp and a pair of AD700's. I think I'm done with things for a while.
  14. ExplosiveDuck

    Received A700 in error (instead of AD700)

    Yeah - I called them about 15 more times and someone finally answered. He was slightly helpful, but was a little bit unnerved. I told him that I ordered something and got something else and he said "Let me guess, you ordered a pair of headphones and got the wrong ones" - So apparantly it's a...
  15. ExplosiveDuck

    Homemade Headphones?

    Yeah - You guys are undertaking projects that are infinitely beyond my capacity / willing-ness right now. I'm still just learning and getting the hang of electricity, trying to get my hand on a couple of books about it to learn more. I think I'm going to go the route of disassembling...
  16. ExplosiveDuck

    great deal on ATH AD700s

    I'm in the same boat - I ordered the AD700s just last night and made sure I called the company this morning. At $84 this seems like a stellar deal. Good luck! Review the headphones when you get them in!
  17. ExplosiveDuck

    I Did It!

    I'll never need more gear! (I keep telling myself that.. I have other things I'd rather spend money on!) I called the place and they said that they should ship the right ones and that they've got everything in stock. The guy I talked to, Adam, was a jerk though. I'm really excited for some...
  18. ExplosiveDuck

    Update: Accidentally Got a ... Deal

    From listening to closed and open headphones, even though I guess it -could- be that they were different headphones, I think the soundstage is so much bigger on the open headphones. Anyways, I just ordered a pair of the AD700's from EExpo off of Amazon tonight and I'm going to definitely be...
  19. ExplosiveDuck

    I Did It!

    Wow - Thanks for letting me know about all those problems people were having. I'll definitely give the company a call tomorrow morning as soon as I wake up to make sure they send me the right ones. Thanks - G'night
  20. ExplosiveDuck

    I Did It!

    They just seem to have a huge soundstage, especially considering they look like you could fit a freakin' quartet inside of them. I do come on here because I'm bored too, and I try and educate myself about everything I can, and it helps me to be a little better versed in the audio world...
  21. ExplosiveDuck

    HD580 vs K701's - Soundstage Battle!

    In the market for a new headphone, still, and I find myself wanting some "deeper" sound than what I'm hearing now with the K701's, but only the slightest bit deeper and I'll be happy. More importantly, since I'm borrowing these 701's and don't want to spend that much money on headphones just...
  22. ExplosiveDuck

    Starving Student Powerful Enough For HD600's?

    Yeah - I have this amp and I'd like to get a set of headphones that really truly benefit from a tube amp. I don't want to spend a gajillion dollars, but I want to be able to hear a difference between having the headphones amped vs having them un-amped.
  23. ExplosiveDuck

    Starving Student Powerful Enough For HD600's?

    Well, as you might have figured, I'm just wondering if a Starving Student MiniMillett Tube Amp will be enough power to get HD-600's going? If you're wondering exactly what build I have, I have the one off of Whiplash Audio Dynamics: Mini Millet DIY Tube Amplifier Thanks!
  24. ExplosiveDuck

    Safety of EQ-ing!

    Just wondering if someone could give me a little insight, a quick technical explanation, of what EQ-ing does to an audio signal. I understand that it manipulates specific "channels" of audio, but what does it do to them? Also, how much distortion comes with EQ-ing something? Thanks!
  25. ExplosiveDuck

    So, anyone else drink TaB?

    Regarding the sexual orientation of drinks. I just think that if there's one gay drink out there it's Diet Coke with Lime. Not that people that drink it / enjoy it are gay, but I really just think that the product itself is gay.