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  1. hifidk

    Subscribed Threads order

    This is more of a question then a Bug Report. Hope that is okay. Here is my question:   Is there a way to put the subscribed threads in order so that the most recently updated threads are placed on the top (like how it was before)?   I guess missing avatars and links on signature...
  2. hifidk

    Will I ever like listening to closed headphones (DT770/80 pro vs HFI780, D2000)?

    I did not like the sound signature of DT770 (80 and 250) because how its bass sounded. They were not bloated or uncontrolled for sure but the amount of bass was just too much for me. However, I still want to try other closed headphones such as HFI780 and D2000/5000. Will I ever like them? Do...
  3. hifidk

    Does anyone know/listen to Cloud - Adventure? Recommend me similar albums!!

    I have been listening this album over and over lately but I don't know much about the artist. Does anyone here listen to this album? If so, is there any other artists/album that sounds like this? Seems like it has been a while since this album came out and I cannot find any other albums from...