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    DX1000 vs. W5000

    Hi all, I'm looking for a comparison of these two headphones for a purchase. I have read up all about W5000 but cannot find anything compared to DX1000. I really enjoyed W10vtg when I borrowed it, but I'm really on the fence comparing these two different sound signatures. If someone could help...
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    The Pillbugs- great modern all analog psych band!

    Hey guys, I thought I would share this fantastic "undiscovered" band with you guys. the pillbugs are a mix of psychedelia and pop, can be compared to badfinger or xtc. I bought their latest cd, Buzz For Aldrin. I'm not 'endorsing' the band commercially or anything, this is just a fantastic...
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    I ask a favour from someone across the pond!

    Hi guys. Well I've been looking for a computer motherboard that has PCI-E graphics and uses socket 478 ... i had no luck until i came across the Asus P4GPL-X. Only problem is, i cannot for the life of me find a place that will ship this thing to Canada. I've only been able to find two places...
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    My 1 year anniversary

    Yay for me! ...I was trying to get my 1 year anniversary and 1500 headphoneus supremus posts to coincide with each other but unfortunately it didn't pan out. Oh well. Here is my 1 year anniversary prize game. PM me with the title Trivia Answer and the answer to this trivia question. The...
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    Olympus E-300 (EVOLT) or Nikon D70? Please advise!

    Hi guys. I've been saving for quite a while now and my birthday is coming up, which means a good chunk of change from my folks and relatives. I want to buy a digital SLR. I have a Minolta X-700 with a few lenses right now and I love it, but I also love the flexibility and power that comes with...
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    Anyone here listen to reggae? I desperately need help identifying a song...

    Hi guys. I was listening to some cool reggae someone had playing. There were a few songs from ONE artist that were really good. I can't remember much about them lol. One song's lyrics had something along the lines of "live and die, live and die, live and die, going downtown tonight!" (or...
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    What!? Green box has appeared (problem with monitor?)

    What; I woke up today, turned my mother's PC on, and I am greeted with a rather large green "box" that is at the top-right of my computer screen. Everything I do, the box is still there. Any text that appears through the box is kinda blurry! What could this be, a bad monitor? (We've only had the...
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    Cheap, simple, and quick way to completely eliminate "pop-on" noise...

    Some of you may already know of this little trick, but to completely eliminate that annoying ear-drum bursting POP!! (when you have headphones plugged into an amp and you turn it on, or you plug your headphones into an amp that is on), just do this... 1. Find an old crappy pair of headphones...
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    Would an attenuator solve this?

    Hey guys. I notice that when I reach a certain volume level with my modded 3950 the left driver becomes much more louder than the right. Would an attenuator solve this problem? And, if so, where would I be able to purchase one? (I swore I saw one or two over at Headroom, but it appears they...
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    What did you guys get for Christmas!!?

    Hey hey hey! I got a Rio Karma, and a crapload of Simpsons + South Park + Family Guy DVDs. Yay!
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    Punk Rock Discussion

    ...Here goes I guess. There is a dark metal discussion, so why not a punk rock discussion? ...So, discuss!
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    A quick easy question about power...

    I am building this simple little equalizer kit, and it says that I need a 9 to 12V 100 ma regulated power supply. Can I just use a 9V battery or something? Do I really have to get a whole seperate power supply for this thing? I don't have a problem running it off of batteries if it can be done...
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    Young men are warned about laptop risk

    "Teenagers and young men should keep their laptops off their laps because they could damage fertility" Now that's something new. I'm willing to bet there are quite a few head-fiers that rest their laptops on their laps quite frequently...
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    Head-fi chat room?

    Excuse me if I'm incorrect or imagining things, but didn't Head-fi have an IRC chatroom a long ways back?
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    My thoughts on reaching 1000 posts...

    My thoughts? I have no life. ...Seriously; day in and day out I continously post away. It's a very strong addiction I cannot give up. I can't. This hobby is like a vacuum, (as said many times before) it sucks you in once you start getting better and better gear. At first you're an...
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    How is this for a future setup?

    Hey guys! Well, my birthday is in March and saving money I get from Hanukkah, I think I can scrounge up enough for... Maxed-out Vinnie Rossi modded Toshiba 3950 (I already own this) > Kimber Kable mini-rca (Already own) > Sonic Impact T-Amp > AKG K-1000!! Of course the K-1000s would be...
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    Question about gaming and screen resolution

    Hey guys! Just a quick question. Would it be better to play a pc game (specifically Counter-Strike: Source) with all video settings maxed out at 1024x768 resolution, or moderate settings at a higher resolution (i.e. 1600x1200 etc.)?? Thanks.
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    Ok, so how bad is the M-Audio Audiophile, in all honesty?

    Here's the story. Dad bought me a new PC for work (and games lol) a few months ago. We had also planned to record music with CuBase etc. and I knew, obviously, an Audigy 2 wasnt going to cut it. Since the site we were ordering the computer from (NCIX.COM) didn't have any other decent...
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    GO ARGOS!!

    Alright! What a nice game! Congrats to the Toronto Argonauts for winning the Grey Cup!!!
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    Happy birthday bhd812!!

    Looks like no-one started a b-day thread. What's wrong with you people!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN! ...I don't know you all that much, but hey, have a great one.
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    USB Key Owners Unite!!

    I just went out today and picked up a 512MB Lexar JumpDrive Elite USB Key for $80 (Canadian) It was a steal!! So far I'm loving it! I don't have to constantly burn cds to truck around files. Most of the time I have files that don't take up a lot of space, but they are too big to fit on a...
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    $10 to spend on Puretracks for a Head-fi member...

    Hey guys. Out of the goodness of my heart, I'm offering $10 worth of music for to a lucky Head-fi member. $10 is good for one album or 10 individual songs. I've decided to make this fun and do a little contest. I don't download music online so I figured someone else could put the...
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    Soooo...when is the Waterloo meet happening?

    The T.O. meet was great, but no-one seems to be discussing the Waterloo meet. When will it take place? etc. I'm anxious to know!
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    Battery powered Gilmore Lite/V1?

    Just a quick question. What type of batteries do I need in order to run a Gilmore Lite or V1? (I plan on building one, but not the PSU) will two 9V be good?
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    Toronto Head-Fi Meet 16/10/04 Impressions

    Thanks tomek, for hosting the meet. Even though the heavy-hitters weren't there (ps1's and omega II's) the meet was still awesome. I had a blast. The meet was supposed to run from 12 pm to 5 pm, but it was extended. I enjoyed the Grado 225s and 325s, the AKG (the silver one; can't remember...