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  1. juantendo8

    The Stax Thread III

    PriceJapan is up again. The manager was hospitalized, which accounts for the complete communication cut off. Thanks to paradoxper for the tip-off. This is what was posted on the site:       2016-08-05  We will resume our work from Aig 08      Really sorry for long-day...
  2. juantendo8

    Buying Stax SR-009 From

    Just wanted to say that PriceJapan came to a halt because the manager was hospitalized, which is posted on the website. I've already gotten my headphones through another proxy service, but I could probably recommend PriceJapan now that he is about to get the business up and running again.
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  4. juantendo8

    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    Quote:   Well, I really have no way to test this on a stock HD800 myself, as I don't feel like ripping out the foam inside mine. I can assure you that it is an improvement with the Anax 2.0 if you would ever be inclined to try it. Nothing fancy going on. Just flattening out the mids and...
  5. juantendo8

    LOL at all the Beats bashers........

    People hate it (justifiably so) because it is representative of our superficial society. It is a pay $200+ buy into an image club. People convince themselves that they sound the best so that they have no feelings of guilt and remorse to complicate their lives. In that regard, the Solos are...
  6. juantendo8

    My take on LCD-2 and HD800

    I just got to reading your review, Max. Very nice job. You didn't single-handedly convince me, but you have encouraged me to save up and purchase an HD800. After hanging around Stax, I have found that overblown bass (relatively speaking) completely takes me out of my element and hinders my...
  7. juantendo8

    48 Hour burned in HD598 can't beat PX100ii with 500+ hours of usage

    I was talking about the second version. I'm just too lazy to type the end numerals. The HD598 just sounds cleaner, more refined and less congested. I find that it is clearly more resolving with the most demanding music. I hear better extension and a little less recess in the upper registers...
  8. juantendo8

    48 Hour burned in HD598 can't beat PX100ii with 500+ hours of usage

    Quote:   Well they are slaughtered on a technical front, and the 598s are a bit more neutral. You might like the KSC-75 better, but it doesn't make it a better headphone than the HD800. I suppose that I should say that the PX100 is slaughtered when it comes to accurate reproduction, more...
  9. juantendo8

    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote:   As long as the music was recorded well with the intention of neutral playback, it should sound great, as long as you are not looking for bass cannons. I'm not sure how rigorously most electronic music follows this ideal, however.
  10. juantendo8

    Petition: Bring Back the HE Audio Jades

    Signed. Any headphone with the potential to become the Orpheus (affordably) should be promoted.
  11. juantendo8

    The Stax thread (New)

    Despite what it may look like, I'm almost certain that the Stax are built much better than the Koss, not that they don't have build quality. The vintage Stax are probably built even better than at least the new lambdas. Treat them well, and they can last next to forever. The lifetime warranty of...
  12. juantendo8

    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote:   Even a good dynamic can expose the non-hi-rez nature of youtube. The Stax just makes it blatantly obvious. Much more interesting is the small imperfections that I can hear on some of my old music. I've found quite a few errors that happened when ripping CDs that would have...
  13. juantendo8

    New Jecklin Float QA !!!

    Quote:   Yes please! This would be amazing and bring new life to this thread for sure.
  14. juantendo8

    Please recommend a headphone for listening to solo (classical) piano

    Quote:   You know, the concept of "veiling" in headphones is actually strange. It is a "relative", not objective concept. I used to think that the HD650 sounded really veiled compared to something like the DT880 or K701 because it was too dark. Once you listen to a good electrostat, EVERY...
  15. juantendo8

    Why are STAX headphones unwanted?

    They are the most detailed, usually most linear, and have the least distortion of all headphone technologies in their price range. Oh, and they sound fantastic. It is something of a revelation to listen to a good electrostat for the first time, even if you decide they are not for you.   They...
  16. juantendo8

    The Stax thread (New)

    I'm not familiar with vintage amp repair, so pardon my ignorance. This distortion does not appear when I move the volume knob or any switches that I know of. Could they still be the source of the distortion or is it likely that the problem is deeper in the circuit board? It is pretty dusty in there.
  17. juantendo8

    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote:   As soon as I get a contact cleaner, I'll try this. So I just spray the switches with something like deoxit?
  18. juantendo8

    Please recommend a headphone for listening to solo (classical) piano

    My secret hate has been discovered! I guess it's truly a buyer beware deal. Unfortunately I can't really empathize much with those that like it, since I only have my pair of ears. And with that, I'm gone! 
  19. juantendo8

    JPS Labs Abyss

    It's clearly $4500 "miraculite" cables attached to $500 headphones. The poor chaps are doing us a favor by providing us quality with zero markup.
  20. juantendo8

    Please recommend a headphone for listening to solo (classical) piano

    Quote:   I edited the beginning of my post to sound less condescending. Yeah, I have listened to a Paradox Fostex Mod, and thus far that is the only closed headphone that I would accept for classical. Almost could have taken it for an open headphone. I just am much more picky than most...
  21. juantendo8

    Please recommend a headphone for listening to solo (classical) piano

    Nah, the conclusions I have come to are things I have learned from a long and arduous process. I have no beef against brands like Grado. If you need your rock and classical, just go for it. I just feel very strongly about the necessity of general neutrality if one wants to be extremely serious...
  22. juantendo8

    Please recommend a headphone for listening to solo (classical) piano

    Let me give you the (hopefully informed) opinion of someone fairly intimately familiar with the piano both live and on recordings. Classical piano needs a neutral signature. A little bit of mid-forwardness is usually alright. Too much or too little of anything throws off the timbre completely. A...
  23. juantendo8

    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote:   Any idea how I can do that safely? I can prod that hair around, just can't get it out.
  24. juantendo8

    The Stax thread (New)

    I have a question about my original Lambda SB. On the inner metal-mesh (that touches the ear) of the right earspeaker, there is a hair that has managed to pass through. I'm pretty sure that it is the cause of a small buzzing sound when music gets particularly loud or bassy. I would use a...
  25. juantendo8

    "Mad Dog" by MrSpeakers, modified Fostex T50RP review

    Quote:   Power is not an issue between those two. I would probably have to recommend the Lyr because of its lower output impedance. The Crack is nice, but is really mostly optimal on high impedance headphones (120 ohms +) as it is an OTL amp. The Lyr seems to be much more suitable for the...