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  1. markmaxx

    Astrodyne Switching Power Supply, and My Ultra Micro Stack.

    I was wondering about the advantages of this upgrade. Has this been a worthwhile path for you? Thoughts or links.
  2. markmaxx

    Source options for Ultra Micro Dac.

    I just bought a used Ultra micro stack from a friend, (it should be here Monday) I was going to use it with my Laptop PC. from the USB port like my Total bithead. But. I have read a little about sourcing Dac's and it seems the USB port may not be the ultimate source. What are the other...
  3. markmaxx

    Source for 6SN7 NOS, tubes

    Hi Drew. You asked me to send you an e mail to remind you to send me info on the Sylvania 6SN7s for my Cary SLP 05. Very nice to meet you in LA.
  4. markmaxx

    Meet Impression and ethics.

    Was the introduction of the GS1000 by grado labs at the National meet done in a way that benefited the head-fi community. It has come up in another thread and I was asked to move the discussion some where more appropriate. Un veiling a product before it is finalized is fine in my ethical...
  5. markmaxx

    My hobby V. My Brothers. Hobby.

    My wife wants to know with a new Ballanced Supra on the way and new K340s here this week if this ever stops. I said it could be worse you could of married my brother. 632ci. plus huge 2 car car trailer generators air conditioning all the tools and the spare parts dule wheel truck on and on...
  6. markmaxx

    I ordered the Sp. Supra XLR today!

    I talked to Mikhail today. I ended up ordering a Basic, Ballanced Supra. Question:... Does anyone have any pictures of the Ballanced Supra in the standard case (not the Mistro case) Thanks.
  7. markmaxx

    Just got my GO8 from Todd!

    I have been out of town all week. I just got home and my Meridian GO8 from Todd was waiting for me. Only had a few minutes with it so far, back to listening.
  8. markmaxx

    Is the "search Forums" feature working for you guy's?

    It hasn't worked all Thanksgiving weekend for me .
  9. markmaxx

    Meridian 507 will not turn on?

    The green light was on on the right side of the player, I pushed play the light went off and now nothing. I switched outlets and nothing. I have the player on a surge pertector(sp) but is there a owner/user replaceable fuse something like that? Thanks. I found the fuses and they are fine...