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  1. junes4u

    Just some cheap random sony earphones? MODDED E931!

    E931 are not retailed in the US? In Asia, they're one of the most common (and also cheap) headphones you can get. They're around the same price as KSC75. I just searched on google and found a number of dealers on ebay. Well, I'm not sure they're actually trustworthy, but the...
  2. junes4u

    Sony Walkman A8xx

    Yeah! The masterpiece of Sony!
  3. junes4u

    Searching for new headphones 200$+- (50$ the most)

    Hmm, How about the Sony D777? Clear, but non-harsh treble and also compressed bass, too This is like the most well-balanced headphone you can get.
  4. junes4u

    Searching for new headphones 200$+- (50$ the most)

    I had Audio-Technica AD900 for about 10 months before, and one of my audiophile friends has SR-225. In my opinion, Grado was a little bit stuffy and too rich
  5. junes4u

    Searching for new headphones 200$+- (50$ the most)

    I personally prefer Audio-Technica's AD900, because of its excessive clarity and apt, compressed bass!
  6. junes4u

    Nice Relatively Cheap Earbuds

    I highly recommend the Sony E888 because of its unique warm-hearted, comfy sound (detailed, too!). With no doubt, they're the best inear pieces under $100 for smooth musics such as Jazz and R&B. I suppose that you're using Apple's products, the combination between e888 and ipod is...
  7. junes4u

    Bassy portable headphone or IEM

    Have you tried the Sennheiser PX-100? This bomb makes well recessed, deep bass and rich sounds Also very portable! Surely they're must-have cans
  8. junes4u

    Best earphones for small ears?

    For the best fit, Sony ex90 sounds appropriate for what she wants. This earpieces are like a combination of opened and kernel type, which i think they're the most comfy inear pieces i've ever seen. Also make pretty impressive sound, for those who don't care much about sound quality
  9. junes4u

    Open Cans for Metal

    Audio-Technica's AD700 would satisfy all your needs. These cans have fairly impressive treble and intense bass, and direct connection to the portable players! I just loved it for the first time i heard it
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