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  1. mik000000

    deal alert

    Amazon now has the Klipsch X5 on for 139.   what to do...what to do...
  2. mik000000

    ipod cases on sale in canada $.97

    I was in our local best buy this afternoon, to look for a case for my new ipod classic. Given best buy's usual pricing on accessories, i did not expect to buy one. On one of the display racks were some griffin 'centerstage' ipod hard case.. THis has a flip that becomes a stand if you are at...
  3. mik000000

    need iem's for small ears with good bass

    I know this thread is very similar to others that have been here. But the other threads focussed on the the comfort factor (very important) rather than the sound. I am currently using V-MODA Bass Freq for my portable rig. I have removed the grills and these phones are better than their rep...