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  1. Apple254

    I love my Denon C751's

    This is a fairly pointless post. Anyway, I got my Denon's over a year and a half ago now and while I did have to return a pair due to a faulty cable, I feel they are exceedingly good. For a mere forty pounds more than apple buds, I truly feel I have a brilliant pair of earphones that (obviously)...
  2. Apple254

    Are custom sleeves really worth the money?

    I have a pair of Denon C751's and I was simply wondering if the £90 it would cost me to get the moulds done would actually make a significant difference to the comfort of the earphones and obviously the sound quality also? If not I think I will purchase some IE8's but thats a lot of money for a...
  3. Apple254

    What IEM's are most similar, sound quality wise, to HD25's ?

    The best headphones I have heard are probably HD25-1's (not II's) so I was just wondering what IEM's the HD25's sound most similar to in sound quality? Only asking because if they are on pair with upper tier IEM's then I won't bother upgrading my IEM's.
  4. Apple254

    As much as it pains me to say, I have been transformed to a speaker user

    Yesterday I heard my friends Logitech 2.1 speakers. I believe they were 'X-240s.' When I heard them I was very surprised at the sound that was produced despite they're £30 price on Amazon. So that day I went into my local town to look for a pair of speakers that I could use when not using...
  5. Apple254

    Can SACD players play standard CD's?

    Sorry for the silly question, I just wasn't sure. A simple yes/no would be appreciated
  6. Apple254

    Should one always listen to a pair of headphones before upgrading purchasing more equipment I.E Amp/DAC?

    I was not sure whether to post this in the Amplifier section or here so I thought I would post it in the forum that was viewed most Basically for me to know and other headphone 'n00bs' out there should one always purchase headphones and listen to them unamped or without the use of an...
  7. Apple254

    Current exchange rates and ordering from overseas.

    So due to the current drop in exchange rates (specifically GBP-USD) I am not sure whether to order an amplifier. I am looking into the Firestone Audio Cute Beyond series, now I know they are not really 'full size' but they're not portable either. But I was just wondering if paying £136 is too...
  8. Apple254

    General headphone ignorance

    So today I am sitting in science with my friend sitting next to me and he pretends to spray my iPod with water (with my earphones connected) so I then remove the earphones and leave my iPod where it was. He asks 'why did you unplug your earphones' so I proceed to tell him that my earphones are...
  9. Apple254

    Do all headphone companies have a 'house sound?'

    Just wondering because I have seen the 'Senn house sound' mentioned so often; so as my question asked, do all headphone companies have a house sound?
  10. Apple254

    What headphones are still very good un-amped?

    Im not sure if anyone know what I mean, but I want a new pair of headphones but I do not really have the kind of money for the kind of amplifiers available in England. So getting to my question, what are the most well rounded pair of headphones that do not need amping? Thanks, Jake
  11. Apple254

    Got new earphones today but dislike the tips...

    Today I received a pair of Denon C751's, they have come with soft silicone tips but I don't really like how they feel in my ear. Would a pair of Comply foams be any better or maybe someone has another suggestion. Thanks in advance
  12. Apple254

    I have absolutely no idea about amps. Please help :D

    Basically I have an iPod Touch and Denon C751's. Just wondering if anybody could tell me how much money I should be spending and what kind of amps are suitable. Thanks in advance
  13. Apple254

    Custom earphone brands in the UK?

    I was just wondering if there were any custom earphone manufacturers in the UK? I am quite interested in getting a pair of customs in a year or so and was just wondering if I would have to send off molds to the US or if I could just send them to a company in the UK.
  14. Apple254

    What kind of sound do you enjoy when using earphones?

    I know a 'Junior Head-Fi'er' doesn't usually create this type of thread, but I was just wondering what kind of sound people enjoy when using their IEM's? It's just out of curiosity to be honest.
  15. Apple254

    iPod Shuffle and good heaphones..does it work?

    Basically I am getting a pair of Q Jays and I was just wondering if the iPod Shuffle is good enough to power them or do I need to use an iPod Touch? Thanks
  16. Apple254

    Denon AH-C751, UE Super Fi. 5 Pro's or Q Jays?

    After much research I have got my earphone list down to these three. Quite simply, which pair do you recommend?
  17. Apple254

    A little help needed with Shure's

    Basically I think I am going to purchase a pair of Shures but I was wondering if the older equivalents are better than the newer pairs. For example The old e2c's vs the new SE110's or the old e3c's vs the new se310's. Im sure someone will get the picture. Primarily looking at the se310's but if...
  18. Apple254

    Earphones £80-£100 for an iPod?

    I am somewhat new to higher end headphones. I have previously owned a pair of Sennheiser CX300's and a pair of over-ear Sennheiser HD485's. I've finally decided that I want an upgrade for school as I always have to turn the volume up on my earphones to drown out external noise on the bus. I was...