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  1. ChicagoNB

    Can an Apple inline control work with Android?

    Wait now I'm confused as to what you are looking for.  There are a LOT of IEMs out there now that have inline controls for volume, fast forward, rewind, and pause.  So are you looking for IEMs that have those controls or ........  For example, I just got a set of IEMs off of Groupon for $10 that...
  2. ChicagoNB

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    If Jakarta is too far, then maybe Paul Graham will have the meet instead.  He's in the UK AND he's got hot rods to show off.  Drifting and Listening at Paul's place!!!!!!   Paul, you in????
  3. ChicagoNB

    Need advice on upgrade

    Can I ask a dumb question - why the need for your setup to have NO amp.  There are some of the best sounding portable amps out on the market that are way smaller than the DAP you are considering.  Also, you can find many people here on head-fi that make custom cables and LODs to keep the...
  4. ChicagoNB

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    Quote: Let me ask a boobish question but what are the round nubs on the backs of your amps?  Are those just for desktop mounting or.........  And also, please pm with what other types of talents your girlfriend has for customizing as I have an idea and project in mind that she may be most...
  5. ChicagoNB

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    We should have a Head-Fi Meet and Swap at Rudi's house!!!!  Test out all the gear that none of us can afford and only dream of buying.   You in Rudi??!!!!!!!    
  6. ChicagoNB

    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    Groupon has UE 200 headphones with phone controls on the cord for $13 in 3 colors.
  7. ChicagoNB

    Suggestions or Ideas

    Another quick question I had.  My tv has an out put labeled "Digital Audio Out".  My Tivo has a spot labeled Digital Audio but does not say in or out and is not near any of the other in or out connectors.  Could the Tivo Digital Audio jack be used as in INPUT so I can hook either my Tv or...
  8. ChicagoNB

    Suggestions or Ideas

    Thanks for the suggestion.  I will check it out and let you know.    What type of Amp are you in the market for?  Portable or home?   Chris
  9. ChicagoNB

    IPAD with Udac

    Can anyone confirm that this truly carrying a digital signal, not an analog signal. If so, this huge! Thanks
  10. ChicagoNB

    ipod touch case?

    eBay all the way. 1000s to choose from and some starting at a penny.
  11. ChicagoNB

    OK DIYers. Answer me this

    So in theory it should be possible but it isn't as someone would already have figured this out and done it. Thanks for the response.
  12. ChicagoNB

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by mmd8x28 I used to have a 4G iPod. Had mine playing Doom, videos, among other things. Oh how fun it was hacking it. I'm in the market for a 3G iPod (the one with dedicated buttons and a rolling wheel). MMD take a look at the new thread I created...
  13. ChicagoNB

    OK DIYers. Answer me this

    Is it possible to take an Apple Nano open it up and remove the guts and replace the guts with a rockboxes iRiver so the Nano then creates a digital ouptut line. MY assumption is that you should be able to disconnect the screen and scroll wheel and reattach them to the control cables of an iRiver...
  14. ChicagoNB

    Best portable amp for JH13'S

    Quote: Originally Posted by FortisFlyer75 Hi once again ChicagoNB, Yes the shadow is one on my shortlist at the moment amongst the Pico Slim, TTVJ & ALO RX. Hope your 13's are still keeping you hooked, i am getting closer to getting my impressions done, but am waiting for my UK...
  15. ChicagoNB

    Best portable amp for JH13'S

    Shadow works for me. Crisp clean detailed and very very portable. The Tomahawk sounded a little more warm but not as detailed. The Shadow it is for me.
  16. ChicagoNB

    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    I can't get enough listening time on my 13s. I would really love to hear the 16s. Maybe at CanJam in June. Plus, the wallet can't take another beating.
  17. ChicagoNB

    Something 'big' coming from SanDisk

    A true Digital output player with color would be nice. Something to rival Apple but with the option of digital output not Apple's analog output.
  18. ChicagoNB

    How long do you plan to keep your amps?

    I don't see this as an issue. Technology is ever evolving so everything becomes disposable at some point. If it makes you happy in the interim, then you are all set. Eventually things like the Predator, the Tomahawk and the Shadow will be old news and something smaller and better will come along...
  19. ChicagoNB

    Smallest DAP w flac support

    Question and I don't want to highjack the thread but can a Nano be rockboxed and can it be done on a mac or does it have to be a window pc. Would it make any difference in sq thru an LOD and Rockbox. Pros - Cons. Thanks guys and gals.
  20. ChicagoNB

    The JH16 Pro: JH Audio Announces The JH Audio JH16 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitor

    Yeah come on. Hasn't anyone received theirs today. First impressions eagerly wanting.
  21. ChicagoNB

    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    Fit is spot on. I can't move them around to adjust the sound. They just fit period. I can't take them out!!! Thanks Jerry and Zac. Giving my Shadow a good workout, which is a good thing.
  22. ChicagoNB

    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    They are FINALLY back from the lab. Now to open the box and test them out! I hope I don't need another refit.
  23. ChicagoNB

    The JH16 Pro: JH Audio Announces The JH Audio JH16 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitor

    Quote: Originally Posted by 3X0 You're supposed to get e-mails? My JH13s came as a complete surprise -- no order confirmation email, no shipping email, nothing. Ditto
  24. ChicagoNB

    The JH16 Pro: JH Audio Announces The JH Audio JH16 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitor

    My impression is that they were shippedy yesterday but deilvery time was going to 2 day fedex delivery. Australia, sorry you're looking at a week for them to get there.
  25. ChicagoNB

    JH16 reviews?

    Just posted on Facebook that preorders and demos are going out today. Delivery is 48 hours.