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  1. Harty

    How to measure Ety’s SPL’s

    I’m trying to measure my etymotic ER-4S’s SPL with my new meter, would measuring a couple of mm’s away from the opening of the flanged / foam tips with the SPL’s microphone give a correct reading, should I still try and keep below peaks of 80 to 85, or should it be below this for Canal Phones...
  2. Harty

    Stepped Attenuator

    I’m leaving my new Headroom Max on 24/7 with my HD650's connected, should I turn the Stepped Attenuator fully down when I’m not listening to the Max, or would it be better to leave it at my normal listening position. Best wishes, Paul.
  3. Harty

    sending a package as a gift to USA

    Is it true that US Customs can charge Duty on a small package marked as a gift, coming into the US from the UK and other countries, over $100 in value. Best wishes, Paul.
  4. Harty

    CD Hydrobath

    The CD Hydrobath was taken off the market due to a manafacturing fault with the motor, does anyone know if there are any plans by the manafacturer to bring the CD Hydrobath back into production, or if there is a similar device for non contact cleaning of CD's. Best wishes, Paul.
  5. Harty

    Mains Filter for Headroom Max/Blockhead

    I'm wondering which would be the best or most obvious Outlet Sockets, out of the descriptons below, to connect the Headroom Max or Blockhead to the (UK) Isotek Mini Sub, 6 Outlet mains filter. I'm not really sure whever to choose between Outlelet's 1 & 2 or 3...
  6. Harty

    Grado RS1 & Live Sound

    I've been reading a couple of reviews on the Grado RS1's that say it was just like being there live. Could anyone confirm if they are very true to a Live Performance, I've never been to a Live Concert at all. Best wishes, Paul.
  7. Harty

    Grado 225's vs RS1 for Portable Player's

    Does the Grado 225 sound more neutral than the Grado RS1 with a portable, Unamped. I will be using the Grado indoors without an amp, directly from the headphone out on my Sony portable minidisc player, which has a 5mW output. Best wishes, Paul.
  8. Harty

    Grado RA-1

    Hi Everybody, Could turning On and Off the Grado RA-1 Amp whilst leaving the Volume constantly fixed on the 10 O'clock position damage the Amp in any way. The reason I ask this, is because I feed the Grado RA-1 Amp from my Integrated Amps Pre-Outs, I leave the Grado RA-1 on the 10 O'clock...
  9. Harty

    Most Neutral Combination

    Which of these two combinations will give the most neutral, Natural, uncoloured sound, without any signature. HD 600 with Grado RA-1 Headphone Amp (New AC Powered Model) HD 600 with Earmax Pro Tube Headphone Amp. Best wishes, Paul.
  10. Harty

    Vocals on Earmax Pro & HD 600

    Hi Everyone, I already own a pair of Sennheiser HD600's with replacement cable, I'm thinking of buying the Earmax Pro Headphone Amp for my HD 600's. Could anyone please tell me how Vocals, especially Female Vocals, sound on the Earmax Pro & HD 600 combination, I mean in terms of how...
  11. Harty

    Earmax Pro (Hope this Post Works)

    I listen to my Sennheiser HD600 headphones plugged directly into the headphone socket on my Sony TA-FA777ES Integrated Amp (List Price £1,500.) I was wondering if I would get better quality sound from my Amp if I bought the Earmax Pro Headphone Amp and connected it to the Pre-Outs on the back of...