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  1. Jian

    Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-3

    I was searching on this topic and didn't find a dedicate thread. So I'm staring one, and let's gather more ideas for the community.   So far, from the reports by several members, the LCD3 sounds very nice paring up with   Tube amp: Leben CS300X (SE), Woo Audio WA22 (balanced)   Solid...
  2. Jian

    Beyerdynamic announced new headphone, T5p, second top model, today in Beijing

    Revealed today in Beijing, the new headphone, called T5p, will be 32 ohm, with tesla technique. The price tag will be USD 1000.    
  3. Jian

    Need advices on choosing between hpa v200 and phonitor

    I'm going to buy an amp to drive ed8s and hd 800s. Has anyone tried out both  the phonitor/auditor and v100/v200? which one do you like? I was really after the phonitor after a/b ing it with auditor. But today I listened and a/b the phonitor and the v200, and with the right gain setup, the v200...
  4. Jian

    Thinking of upgrading my portable gears, ED8 or JH16?

    With my current rigs, which will be the best choice? Since it cost about the same. I've got pro 900 and UE11, its a choice between going up one way or other.   Cheers
  5. Jian

    A ipod/imod doc slily question,sorry

    I've always been thinking, when the ipod/mod has been fully charged on a dock/speaker, and that little "plug" sign appeared instead of the "bolt" , will it be using power directly from the power cord. Will the battery be bypassed? If it is like that then I can keep my imod plug in the vcap doc...
  6. Jian

    New version of Pro 900s or the old?

    Hi guys, need some advises here! I've bought a pair of Pro 900s and the supplier said he will have the new version of Pro 900 arrived soon and whether do I prefer the new ones or the old ones to be delivered. Has anyone listened to the new and old pro 900? What is your impression...
  7. Jian

    Hi what are the deferences between new version of pro 900 and old pro 900

    I've just bought a pair Pro 900s, and the supplier said he will have new version of pro 900 arrived soon. He said he do not know the deference, and ask me do I prefer the old one or the new one to be delivered. So I think it is better to ask the source direct, been a fan and user for a...
  8. Jian

    Assembling good portbale setup question

    I'm traveling in a everyday base to work by train, and would really like to setup a system to enjoy the sound. Currently mine is DT860 for it should be one of the decent portable cans for ipod c. But now I've upgrade the system to imod + P-51, and searching for a pair of good headphones to go...