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  1. zyxwvutsr

    four year old breakdancing kid

    As the title says, without further ado ... Check out the video in the following link.
  2. zyxwvutsr

    UFO sighting in China

    Check out this link -> These are some of the clearest UFO photos I have ever seen. Hoax or not?  
  3. zyxwvutsr

    Buying audio technica on ebay - warranty?

    Does audio technica honor warranties on products purchased from ebay? More specifically, I'm thinking about buying a w5000 from a US seller on ebay.
  4. zyxwvutsr

    cheap amp for speakers

    I am thinking about buying a cheap vintage receiver to power some bookshelf speakers. Ideally, these would be better than a t-amp at handling >90db efficiency, 8ohm speakers. Problem - I have no idea where to start and the huge selection available on ebay is not helping either. Are there any...
  5. zyxwvutsr

    Sound tests below 20hz and above 20khz

    I was browsing the web and stumbled on a site with test sounds between 20hz-20khz. It turns out that I can hear all the frequencies and now I'm interested if my hearing extends beyond this range. Does anyone know of any sites that have test sounds that are below 20hz or above 20khz?
  6. zyxwvutsr

    Cheap iem

    I'm interested in buying the cheapest pair of iems possible. I don't really care about their sound quality (>=ibuds would be fine, i have much better headphones for musical enjoyment). Noise isolation is of primary concern, these iems are just going to be used as fancy ear plugs (roommate can be...