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  1. smrtby123

    Vampire Weekend - Contra

    New Vampire Weekend album streaming from their site. Vampire Weekend - Contra
  2. smrtby123

    Top Albums of 2009

    So looking over the various top lists of '09 (Spin, RS, Pitchfork, etc) I have to say I am dissapointed by all of them. Lots of albums that don't deserve the top 100 let alone top 10. RS making U2 #1 of 09? Give me a break. Thoughts?
  3. smrtby123

    Starving Student Troubleshooting

    Edit: Fixed, working perfectly now. So the Beezar SSH kit is all together, but flipping the powerswitch does nada. Not quite sure where to go from here with troubleshooting since all of the connections seem good, and the solder joints all look good. The only thing I can think of is that the...
  4. smrtby123

    Tanya's Cans on Hung

    Ok so on the HBO show "Hung" what headphones were those Tanya was wearing at the end of the latest episode?
  5. smrtby123

    V-modas on ebay

    Bulk V-Moda Vibe Flashblack Chrome Headphones iPod New - eBay (item 320403227375 end time Aug-22-09 14:42:59 PDT) It says 100% authentic, and the guy has 1845 100% feedback but I am always skeptical of this kind of stuff on ebay. What do you think legit or total scam?
  6. smrtby123

    Vintage Speakers

    (Not sure if this is the right forum, mods move it to where it is appr.) So I finally got around to peering at the speakers that are in my grandfathers basement. It is part of a set, because the turntable is the middle of a big chest, with vinyl storage the right side and the amp on the left...
  7. smrtby123

    Bose quick listen

    So I was over a friends house and I got a chance to listen to two sets of Bose headphones that he has. They had the standard Bose over-ear headphones and a set of on-ear noise canceling cans. Before taking a listen I skeptical of all the Bose hate on head-fi, but I knew they were a bit...
  8. smrtby123

    Protect Your Ears!

    This is little note that I thought sci/eng nerds/majors like me might be into. We were going over pressure measurements in my ME measurements class and the prof was defining dB's in terms of pressure. Calculating dB's follows this equation: dB = 20log(10)(Pressure/2e-5 Pa) Converting...
  9. smrtby123

    Archive.Org Top Live shows

    I was searching through the best live album thread but couldn't find much in there from I have been searching and found some great stuff from Derek Trucks, Kaki King, Bela Fleck, and Explosions in the Sky. I am wondering if anyone has any faves that they have downloaded from the...
  10. smrtby123

    Dead BUF634

    I finished my buffered Cmoy and it works great (other than the IC opamp adapter, which is an unstable pain in the ass), but to get it working I had to tear out the BUF634 I had in parallel with my TLE2426. The voltage was split across the TLE but the buffer was dumping it to one side. The only...
  11. smrtby123

    Overheating op-amp

    So i just finished a kind of hybrid with the buffered powered section of the A47 and the amp section of the Cmoy. My amp is all set and I know that all the soldering and everything is fine, but my amp overheated and I think it is blown but I can't see why. I have it running off of 2x4 stacks of...
  12. smrtby123

    Cmoy + Grado SR80's

    I just got my first pair of real headphones for xmas with the SR80's, and I had been planning to build a cmoy for my ipod and other assorted applications, but I couldn't find anyone posts about a mod to the cmoy for the low impedence grados. I know I can do the current buffer with another set...