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  1. straleno

    Feedback by 'straleno' on listing 'Vision Ears Elysium, *Big price drop* Almost new'

    Great transaction with a great seller. Everything was as described, packed perfectly, and even arrived a day earlier than promised. Nice fellow, to boot. Thanks!
  2. straleno

    Feedback by 'straleno' on listing 'Campfire Solaris OG, complete set, excellent condition'

    Great buyer—quick payment, and clear, friendly communication. A pleasure! Thank you.
  3. Campfire Solaris OG, complete set, excellent condition

    Selling my gently used Campfire Solaris OG. I picked them up new from the Campfire booth at NY CanJam 2019, and I've put between 100 and 200 hours on them. I've never detached the cables, and the only tips I used were the large foamies, which I've replaced here with new ones. Everything else is...
  4. straleno

    Campfire - Solaris

    Forgot to mention—either directly out of an iPhone X, or iPhone to Hugo2. Just edited my original post. Thanks!
  5. straleno

    Campfire - Solaris

    Here’s a question that might seem odd—am I the only one who finds the treble on Solaris (OG) fatiguing? After several years loving the Campfire Lyra 2’s, I upgraded 7 months ago to Solaris. They’re amazing, I love them, except sometimes I have to take them out because the high end gets to be too...
  6. straleno

    Audeze LCD-2 Closed

    Oh, yes, good call out—I’ve had this problem with many headphones, but the Audeze pads are so thick and plush they just kind of envelop my glasses and make a good seal.
  7. straleno

    Massdrop x Focal Elex Review & Measurements

    So far, knock wood, I’m counting myself among those with no issues. I know everyone's different, but I can't imagine being able to tolerate the volume levels some of you seem to listen at! On the Hugo 2, I'm generally in the green to aqua range on the volume marble, and the sound is amazing...
  8. straleno

    Cascade Headphone by Campfire Audio

    Apologies for the OT writing tutorial, but I’m a writer and I can’t help myself :beyersmile:. Whether it’s correct depends on how you interpret the phrase. If you consider “sound” the noun/subject, then “campfire audio” would be an adjective and “unmistakably” would be an adverb, and it would be...
  9. straleno

    Campfire Audio Vega (and Dorado and Lyra II) - Head-Fi TV

    I’ve posted about this a couple times, so apologies for repeating, but I spent more than an hour with the very gracious Campfire guys at their booth at Canjam NY in February, going back and forth between Vega, Dorado, and Lyra II. I luckily could’ve afforded any of them, and chose the Lyra II...
  10. straleno

    Campfire Audio Vega (and Dorado and Lyra II) - Head-Fi TV

    I've always been a big fan of Comply isolation tips for sound and comfort, and automatically ordered some when I got my Lyra 2's. But I was startled to find how much less rich, clear and contrasty they were vs the Campfire foamies. I'm at a loss to explain why, maybe the shape or the density...
  11. straleno

    Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

    Interesting, I haven't tried it with the Mojo yet. But before this update, the Hugo2 cut out every couple of minutes; last night I listened for three hours without a hitch.
  12. straleno

    Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

    iPhone 6, which worked great with Mojo until iOS 10.3.1, when Apple made some sort of change that messed up the compatibility with a range of outboard audio devices, including my new Hugo2. But today's 10.3.3 update seems to have fixed it for me. More background here...
  13. straleno

    Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

    Hey, there was an iOS update today, and I don't want to jinx anything... but it seems like the compatibility issue might be fixed. Just listened to a whole album on my iPhone 6 through Hugo2 without any glitches or disconnections. Good news, if it holds out.
  14. straleno

    Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

    I had this exact situation as well, coincidentally also purchased from Audio46 (bought it in person about two weeks ago, I'm in NY). Initially, the volume marble had a firm, damped feel, but after using the unit a couple of hours, it became totally loose, no resistance, and didn't change the...
  15. straleno

    Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

    For me, Lyra 2's are super comfortable for long sessions. I use the Campfire foam tips, which I find to be more comfortable and better sounding than silicone tips or Comply foam. Vegas are the same size, so they should be just as comfortable.
  16. straleno

    Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

    I'll tell you, I never thought IEMs could challenge good over-ear headphones. And I'll admit I haven't spent quality time with some of the highest-end over-ear headphones. But at NYC Canjam, I spent well over an hour at the Campfire booth going back & forth between Vegas, Dorados, and Lyra 2's...
  17. straleno

    Upcoming Beyerdynamic Headphones - Custom One Tesla, Custom One Studio, T51p and amp A20

    I recently bought both the dt1350 and the T51p, and ended up returning the 1350. I'm not fluent in Hz and kHz, so I'll do my best with regular words.   Wanting new phones for my office and commute, I bought the 1350's first, based on the many good reviews, including InnerFidelity. Maybe I got...
  18. straleno

    The Westone UM1/UM2 Appreciation Thread

    I recently bought my first pair of decent 'phones, Shure SE210's, but I didn't love the sound, and I actually found them very uncomfortable. Reading up around here convinced me that UM2's might be the way to go, especially regarding comfort, so I splurged more than I'd planned, and got them...