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  1. leotnnz

    another iem under $500 thread

    Hello, all, I used to spend money on over ear headphones. recently i decided to go with some iem and get a shure 535 recently as a start. I listened different genres, i.e. folk, classic and rock. overall 535 sounds great to me. but vocal is a little bit forward to me. I hope to have larger...
  2. leotnnz

    new player frustration

    i am finding a new player. needs long battery life and prefer neutral sound and large soundstage.  budget is limited under 150. my current candidates are narrowed down to: colorfly C3, iaudio 10, cowon c2.   what do you guys think about? and any other better choices? some of nice gears are...
  3. leotnnz

    Valab NOS dac or Audio-gd Fun basic version??

    I am struggling between this two kinds of reputable dac around $200. Does anyone have the idea on the sound signature difference between these two? i wanna hook my KRK RP5 to it. I am kinda leaning to FUN, since it has both dac out and preamp out so that i could connect both my speakers and...
  4. leotnnz

    tips for uhp 336?

    i am finding the tips for my uhp 336. it seems comfly foam tip is a good t400 or t500 work with 336? any other choices for 336? the tips sold with 336 don't fit my ear well and are uncomfortable. thanks.
  5. leotnnz

    k450 confusion

    hi, there, I would like to buy a pair of k450. i search the forum. someone bought it from ebay at 70~80. the seller he mentioned is here. Brand new Genuine AKG K450 K 450 HeadSet in Retail box - eBay (item 220517407004 end time Mar-26-10 21:06:25 PDT) i noticed that the pics they use is...