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  1. levap

    Best headphones for electronic music

    So what's the best headphones for electronic music? I prefer headphones with powerful and fast bass, weighty sub-bass for this genre. Mids without sweetness and warmth - we need cold and neutrality. Highs - accurate, analytical, high detail level. The soundstage is spacious, opened wide...
  2. levap

    Best headphones for jazz

    Recently I tried to google keywords "best headphones for jazz" and results were depressing... (No less depressing than results on the best headphones for metal were, try to google it now and top result will be much more rewarding...
  3. levap

    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    This is the summary post on my metal music listening experience with a couple of headphones )) Primary targets: - to find the best of the best - to find hidden synergy treasures for headphones traditionaly not reccomended for metal - to have fun in a process ) Marks in a table below were taken...
  4. levap

    Speakers with Grado sound

    Hello! May be my theme is a offtopic here, but anyway... After about year away from my home system (Harman Kardon 4000 + Tannoy Revolution R3) in company with Grado SR-125 I tried to listen my once loved home system and oops It sounded dull and muddy compared to Grados. First and most...