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  1. mahesh

    Help me to choose portabe amp

    Hi all headfiers Please help me to choose best sounding portable iem amp I have cowon j3 with akg k3003 Price max 600$ Thx
  2. mahesh

    Hegel HD20,HD10,HD2 Impression Thread

    My new dac Hegel hd20 First impression..Great digital player,very relaxed sound, more to come......
  3. mahesh

    Benhmark dac 1 usb volume

    Hi all I have benchmark dac 1 usb connected to my mac pro via usb and benchmark to powered monitors Adam s1x, monitors volume is set to minimum,i set dac volume attunation to -30db, but still sound is too loud, even dac volume is at 9o'clock So Please help me,if there is something i can do. I...
  4. mahesh

    Silver balanced xlr with adam a5 and benchmark dac 1 usb?

    Hi all please help me to find silver Balanced xlr cable for my adam a5 and benchmark dac 1 usb. signal Cable, silver dragon v2 xlr,artisan silver cable Silver Dream thankx