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  1. hockeyb213

    New portable amp

    Well I am in the market for a new portable amp for my k702's and jh-13's...I had a rx in the past and I loved it but I want to here from you guys if there any other alternatives that I should look into besides the pico slim and the protector
  2. hockeyb213

    Issue with my jailbroken iphone

    Hey guys I was wondering if any of you guys have any idea of how I can fix my issue. When I go to try to change the icon of a app on my phone instead of getting the pretty new .png image the icon disappears entirely.    Here is a screenshot:   ...
  3. hockeyb213

    Why not to accept "gifts" on paypal when selling items on paypal

    Just a fair warning to all I got some funds frozen from paypal because I accepted a payment marked as a "gift" from a head-fier for something I sold and those funds will not be released for 180 days ymmv but for me it is not worth the risk.
  4. hockeyb213

    SS amp for hd800's/jh-13's

    Well I have narrowed down my options for which amp I want to get for my hd800's and I am interested to see what you guys have to recommend. I am not into tubes so I have thrown out the idea of any tube amps for my setup. If you have a recommendation that I don't have in the poll feel free to...
  5. hockeyb213

    My edition 8

    Hey Ultrasone you guys sent me a ed8 which arrived on Friday which I just got the chance to open after getting back from my travels. I was very upset to see when I opened the box that the headphones were in no sheath or protective cover dirty of fingerprints and no headphone extension cable...
  6. hockeyb213

    Ultrasone is unbelievable...

    Long story made short Ultrasone was suppose to send me a new set of ed8's which ultimately they did (although they screwed up the shipping but that is besides the point). What truly upsets me was I opened the box to find the headphones were not in the sheath at all and they were dirty of finger...
  7. hockeyb213

    Need a great full size amp

    Long story made short I have edition 8's coming in tomrrow and hd800's and ps-1000's coming in next week. I want a amp that can drive them all to their potential. SPL was really catching my attention especially with the phonitor which is on sale now for 1800. I am really looking to try and stay...
  8. hockeyb213

    hd-800 vs ed8 vs ps-1000

    Well I would like a top end full size can to add to my rig but I am having trouble making a decision. I have pretty much ruled out the hd-800 because on my current gear I cannot really even attempt to listen to them properly until I get some more home equipment. Now it is down to a ps-1000 or a...
  9. hockeyb213

    How do I charge my rx?

    I just got my rx and the power supply on there has a relatively large size plug but the amp only has a small hole as far as I can tell? Is there something missing here?
  10. hockeyb213

    On campus or off campus?

    I am going to make a poll of which you guys would rather go with and we can give reasoning in the thread I am curious to hear what you guys have to say because I am going to need to make this choice in a short period of time.
  11. hockeyb213

    Westone 3 limited edition

    I just came across this Westone 3 Limited Edition :: Westone 333 made and it seems it has the revision to the design that the westone 1's had with the extended tubes I am not sure if it was posted in the appreciation thread but since I don't see it I will go ahead and start a new thread for it.
  12. hockeyb213

    JH Picollino loaner program

    Hey fellow JH owners out there I have clearance from Wilson over at Jaben to go ahead and start a loaner program using the demo picollino cable for the jh-13's and allow head-fiers to get a sample of this very expensive and awesome sounding cable to get a clue for what it is all about. I am...
  13. hockeyb213

    best commercial you have seen recently?

    In light of head-fi this commercial was playing in my area for a while recently: YouTube - Headphone Wall - J&R Commercial what have you guys seen that has been entertaining lately?
  14. hockeyb213

    biggest full size headphones

    I have a friend who is looking for some good full size headphones for < 200 new or used. Outside of the sq he is looking for a pair that are really big and would cover his ears with room to spare.
  15. hockeyb213

    Imod + vcap vs hifiman

    I am in the process of doing a swap (will be a trade if both satisfied) of my sr-71a for a mustang. I am really looking for the best possible sound for my jh-13's. I was thinking of doing a imod 80 gig 5.5 gen > vcap dock > p-51 or just using a hifiman may be to a amp or use the module if it was...
  16. hockeyb213

    micro vs ultra micro dac

    I just got my micro dac to use with my computer rig and I am extremely satisfied with sounds absolutely wonderful. I am curious if anyone has heard both the micro and ultra micro and can comment on the differences between the two because I am thinking of possibly upgrading. thanks
  17. hockeyb213

    should I start a cd collection?

    To date I have gotten a lot of my stuff either in compressed form online or from cd's being ripped onto my computer. I have done a lot of research and it seems like no real service exists to buy lossless or > 320 recordings. I am thinking of just going to frequent sites such as to...
  18. hockeyb213

    d10 vs pico dac vs headroom micro dac

    I am really looking for a good portable dac in the price range of $250-$350. I really am basing my purchase on sq as the priority with everything else taking a secondary importance. From my understanding the d10 uses a independent battery the pico slim uses the computer for it's power and the...
  19. hockeyb213

    ie8 termination

    Does anyone know if the ie8 terminations are available somewhere so a cable upgrade could be done? I looked around a bit with no luck
  20. hockeyb213

    where to get ie8

    I am looking to buy the ie8 from a international dealer but out of the current ones I have seen mentioned all of the dealers are out of stock. Does anyone know what place currently has them in and available to order to the U.S?
  21. hockeyb213

    b22 hookup wire

    Easy question but one I am not sure of which is best for. I am building a b22 + s22 but I need suggestions for good hookup cable to use along with it. I want really good stuff but nothing that is going to be crazy crazy.
  22. hockeyb213

    new westone customs?

    Is it fair to say westone released the custom version of a westone 3 with this?
  23. hockeyb213

    esw10jpn shipping issue

    Me and another forum go'er (thread on the forum) bought esw10jpn's at the same time from smart imports on ebay with ems japan post shipping. He successfully got his in the mail yesterday and had his tracking update quite frequently on the way there and mine have not had a update since they left...
  24. hockeyb213

    battery on sr-71a

    I am assuming hearing distortion on my amp and then the sound cocking out but the light still staying on is indicating to charge/ replace the batteries? Just want to make sure that is all
  25. hockeyb213

    Easiest way to go from FLAC to Apple Lossless

    I have a large collection of flac stuff now and I am looking for the easiest way to shoot from one to the other. Any advice much appreciated!